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Josh Richards riled up after seeing Nessa Barrett with Chase Hudson

Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards broke up a few days ago. They made it official, and both seemed pretty emotional in the video. We are not sure who suggested it first, the thing is, they mutually agreed to break up. Nessa confirmed she was moving, and she is focusing more on her singing career now. She also confirmed she’d be focusing on her career so she wouldn’t be using her social media profiles much. On the other side, Josh Richards is also focusing on his career, building a new content house (apparently) and everything that he can do by leaving Sway House. That’s why it came as a surprise when Thomas Petrou posted a vlog that made Josh Richards’ fans lose it. And seems like Josh lost it too.

A brief history

Since the day Nessa Barrett claimed that Chase Hudson sent her an explicit picture of himself, things were not good between Josh Richards (Nessa’s boyfriend at that time) and Chase Hudson. Josh was still a part of Sway House back then. And he came out with a Lil Huddy diss track, featuring Bryce Hall.

Josh Richards used his lyrics to attack Chase Hudson and his relationship with Charli D’Amelio. Josh also asked Chase to keep his focus on Charli and leave Nessa alone. Since then Charli and Chase’s relationship was not the same. And the news of their breakup hit the internet soon. But, but……they are still friends.

A few days after the diss track was released, Josh Richards met Chase Hudson and they confirmed that they have got no beef anymore.

Next, Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett were going pretty strong and they were one of the most-loved TikTok couples. But that didn’t last long. Josh and Nessa broke up as well, and they too claimed they’ll always love each other.

So, what happened now?

Josh Richards isn’t happy to see Nessa Barrett with Chase Hudson

It’s all a theory, fans theory to be precise. But considering the fact that every dot seems to connect this time, the fans might actually be telling the truth. Thomas Petrou, the mastermind behind the Hype House, is pretty close with Chase Hudson. One thing Thomas is good at is motivate fans into clicking his videos as soon as they are up. He picks the vlog titles and thumbnails strategically. And his strategies seem to work every single time.

Thomas Petrou posted his vlog, titled Should Nessa Join Hype House? And for the thumbnail, he chose Chase Hudson (a shirtless one), Nessa Barrett, and Thomas himself. The same video also featured Harry Jowsey of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, but that’s a separate topic.

Well, fans believe these tweets have a lot to do with Nessa Barrett.

Josh Richards

This is how the fans reacted:

Nessa Post Break up fan
Josh Richards Fan
Charli Nessa Josh

Nessa Barrett’s tweets, on the other hand, were something like this:

Nessa Tweet on Josh

Nessa Barrett is friends with Olivia Ponton and seems like they might be living together soon….in the Hype House.

Olivia Ponton Nessa

Fans believe she also tried clearing her side by tweeting this:

Nessa Confused

Which really riled up Josh Richards and he posted a heated thread:

Josh Richards Tweet Advice

Ah, well, Chase Hudson is not going to stay silent now. His latest tweet, just 3 minutes ago, was this:

Chase Hudson Tweet on Nessa

And Jaden Hossler is taking shots as well:

Jaden Hossler on Chase Hudson Tweet

Things are really heating up. Is it all a drama or are they really going to get into a twitter-feud? What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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