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Josh Richards reveals his ‘johnson’ on Instagram live

The Sway House might be one to create interesting controversies. However, they have never had a too-serious feud with someone. Including, lil huddy or Chase Hudson of the Hype House. Remember when Chase sent his “still softish” picture of his “johnson” to Josh’s girfriend Nessa Barrett? And when Josh made a diss-track to expose Chase Hudson with the help of Bryce Hall, reminding Chase he had Charli? Well, seems like Karma is about to hit him soon as Josh ended up revealing more than his “johnson” on Instagram Live.

Josh Richards takes off his shorts

The Sway House buddies were Live on Griffin Johnson’s Instagram with anne.commzz8 when something triggered Josh to take this action. Since we missed the “live”, we did not know what happened. However, The Blast has reported that they were all live late Monday night when it happened.

While still Live, Josh dropped the phone on the ground with the “live session” still running. He pulled off his pants and posed to sit on the phone camera. Many of the fans were unhappy with Josh Richards’ “inappropriate behavior“. Probably hoping to only expose his butt, he ended up revealing more than what he must have thought.

Fans react to the live

Well, fans were not expecting Josh Richards to do it on Instagram Live. In fact, they were not expecting him to do anything like it ever in his life. However, Josh flashed to his fans and that’s the reality.

What’s this backwards post though?

While people are still questioning Josh why would he do that?

Josh Richards has this to say:

Well, some are still supporting him.

And some lil huddy fans want him to make a diss track on Josh Richards now. Something to go like: still softish 2.0. If you have not yet heard that famous diss track, you have to listen to it to get the whole context behind fans reaction.

Do you think Josh Richards did it on purpose or was it by accident? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.