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Josh Richards uses Noah Beck as clickbait in his recent vlog

Josh Richards uses Noah Beck as clickbait in his recent vlog

Now you all must be thinking why Josh Richards is using Noah Beck as a clickbait in his recent vlog. Well, it might just be to garner some attention and views. Or it may have something to do with the recent drama involving Griffin Johnson shading Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck in his new song. Josh Richards was accompanied with close friend Bryce Hall. Both of them made it clear that they were not a big fan of Griffin’s diss track. Meanwhile, Dixie was trying her best not to give any reaction to Griffin’s diss track. But then she called out Griffin with a ‘this you‘ trend. The boys obviously couldn’t make a vlog with her. So they got their hands on Noah and filmed his reaction on Griffin’s diss track.

Noah Beck reacts to Josh Richards’ clickbait title in a cool way

So Josh really knows how to hype things up just for the sake of views. And Bryce Hall is always there to back him up when it comes to making fun of somebody. Anyways, Josh surely knows how to give a 10/10 intro.

“Alright guys, so it’s that time of the month where we sit on a couch and react to someone’s music video. Because they made a shi*ty diss track.”

Yes, he did just say that. I thought he is actually going to stop here. But no, Josh is just being Josh so he cannot keep his calm:

“Yeah, it’s click-bait time. Guys Noah Beck is going to be reacting to Griffin’s diss track in this YouTube vlog.”

And when both Josh and Bryce ask Noah to say something cool about the video, he goes like:

Noah: What are we reacting to?

Bryce and Josh: Griffin’s diss track

Noah: Who did he make it on?

Bryce and Josh: On You

Noah surely knows how to handle these types of situations because he seems absolutely unbothered about the whole thing. Noah even says that he didn’t know he was the subject of the diss track.

Noah Beck laughed at the whole thing when Bryce and Josh cracked jokes about him stealing Griffin’s girlfriend. And then he claims ‘We are just friends’.

This is confusing for Noah and Dixie’s fans because the two are getting quite cozy with each other. But let’s just respect their privacy at this time.

Bryce and Josh are not coming slow

Bryce Hall obviously had to spice things up for the vlog. After agreeing with Noah Beck about his friendship with Dixie D’Amelio, he comes out and directly calls out Griffin Johnson:

“Bryce: Griffin Johnson, you’re a piece of sh*t. You are cancelled.”

And then they share how they’re confused about this line in the track: ‘You’re the one who didn’t want me’.

Josh Richards Noah Beck

Anyways, now let’s jump to the part where Griffin calls out NOAH in the diss track.

“Now you can say I’m heartless

But you don’t know what a heart is

You don’t think I NO-AH.”

Then both Bryce Hall and Josh Richards point towards Noah Beck and ask ‘Bro did you actually see what he did there?’. And here I am lying on the floor and laughing my cheeks off. He knows it obviously but he is trying to have a mature response to the situation.

Jokes apart, Noah was really happy because no one ever made a song on him. And maybe he is dropping some clues for Dixie D’Amelio to make a song on him. What do you guys think about this video? I am finding it super hilarious.