Josh Richards confirms Mads Lewis broke up with Jaden Hossler because she does not like Nessa Barrett

After 6 weeks since the song came out, Mads Lewis posted a not-so-cryptic TikTok where she blamed Nessa for being the cause of their breakup. During BFFs Podcast, Dave Portnoy brought up the topic, and Josh addressed all the rumors.

Josh Richards says Mads Lewis doesn’t like Nessa Barrett.

This is not happening for the first time, though. Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler were dating before, and they broke up in February 2020 after cheating allegations against Jaden. They started dating again in late 2020. Jads fans were excited to see them back together. Meanwhile, Josh Richards returned with Nessa Barrett after their mutually decided break.

Josh Richards And Mads Lewis
Josh Richards YouTube

Seeing their favorite Sway boys back with their original girlfriends made many Sway fans happy. But it was short-lived since it turns out that Mads Lewis does not like sharing Jaden Hossler with anyone. As Josh said in the podcast:

She just doesn’t like Ness. They are not fans of each other.

Josh claims that it is a pre-existent issue that has always been there. Mads and Nessa were in the same house, still clashing heads. While recording the BFFs podcast, Dave and Josh initially planned to discuss this issue and leave it right there. However, the emergency part was recorded after Mads Lewis posted her TikTok. And it was made a part of the original BFFs podcast.

Mads Lewis and the deleted TikTok

Mads Lewis posted a TikTok, and she deleted it after 10 minutes. However, the same TikTok remained on her profile for enough time that all the tea channels saved it and re-uploaded it on social media. Mads Lewis’s choice of song for TikTok was the first thing that hit her viewers. She chose Taylor Swift’s “Better than revenge,” a song about a girl who stole one’s love.

The story starts when it was hot and it was summer
And, I had it all; I had him right there where I wanted him
She came along, got him alone, and let’s hear the applause
She took him faster than you could say sabotage

The TikTok featured a collage of images and video clips from Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler together and in love. Then the visuals change when the song hits “she came along.” Mads chose La Di Die’s image and clips of Nessa and Jaden hanging out together.

Discussing the TikTok on BFFs Podcast

Dave Portnoy appreciated Josh for agreeing to record the special segment of the podcast after watching that TikTok. When asked about his initial reaction, Josh said:

 I’m always gonna be that guy that wants to believe my best friend.

He said that he wouldn’t trust Mads because she is Jaden’s ex. However, he was not expecting to be jealous after watching that TikTok video.

First thing, I’m just sad. And then the second thing that happened, these m*therf*ckers are about to breed a demon. Imma be heartless after this.

Josh Richards also said there are f*ckboys in the world for this reason.

These are the scenarios that breed f*ckboys.

Josh also confirmed that when he saw TikTok, he didn’t know Nessa’s and Jaden’s sides. However, Mads Lewis was “blowing up” his phone with text notifications. Josh further confirmed that his exact response to Mads was:

That’s lowkey SUS. you tryna text me.

He also confirmed that this was before the video came out. He had no idea about the video then. Meanwhile, Quinton Griggs’s ex-girlfriend also sent him a text, saying that he does not deserve whatever is happening. And that he needs to know the truth.

Josh expresses his love for Nessa Barrett

After discussing the texts his friends’ exes were sending him, Josh said:

I love Nessa. I think she’s the most amazing girl in the world. I don’t think I’ve ever met that’s made me feel the way I feel about her.

Josh confirmed that that’s why the video hurt him. He would die for Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett, as they are close to his heart. However, the possibility of them being together hurt him.

F*ck I could lose both these people. That’s what made me sad. F*cking kill me.

The timings are also not good for him since Josh confirmed that he and Nessa Barrett are on a break these days. Nessa has talked to him and is also open about it on her social media. She’s taking care of her mental health and what she goes through. Since they had been on a break for the past two weeks because she needed time for herself, there was not much communication between them.

Richards got emotional while discussing it. He said that he did not know how to ask Nessa what she’s been going through, what Mads TikTok was about, and give her space at the same time.

Jaden Hossler contacts Josh Richards.

Right after the video, Jaden Hossler also contacted Josh:

This girl [Mads] is trippin…

The timings were also worse for Jaden since he was going to post a photo with Nessa Barrett for their upcoming performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jaden Hossler wanted to give Josh a heads-up before posting the photo. And told him to believe in him.

However, Josh was in shock and did not even text Jaden back. In his opinion, it was not a good move, but he didn’t know what to do. But he did call Nessa Barrett to ask for her approval before recording the podcast and discussing her in it. After that call, Josh concluded that Mads was “trippin.” He said that Mads Lewis’s motto seems to be like this:

I got my life affected. So, I’m gonna affect other people’s life.

Josh Richards added that he did not know where this came from.

At the end of the day, the truth is gonna come out.

Who is trying to spread hatred?

Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy concluded that either someone is a “f*cking a**hole” or she [Mads] is going crazy. In fact, Josh said that he is just an innocent bystander in this current scenario.

I’m tryna let a girl that i f*cking love so much figure her life out so that I can have her back. Nessa is something I need in my life. And at the same time, my one brother that’s been beside me since the start in LA, is Jaden. It’s messed up. It’s left me speechless.

While talking about both of them, Josh also confirmed that his hands were shaking talking about this. He also confirmed that Mads Lewis was trying to call him before the video, and he wanted the conversation to be via text. In response, Mads said that whatever she had to say was not a text. And he thought he would never know what Mads wanted to talk about since she did not tell him. However, the video proved what she was trying to do.

Analyzing Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler’s relationship

Josh further added that judging other relationships was not his place. However, if Nessa Barrett’s song triggered something, the relationship was already negative since a song collaboration couldn’t break someone up.

It was toxic if your boyfriend can’t do a song with best friend’s girl.

Josh said that whatever happened must be due to some pre-existent things. While he was still recording the podcast with Dave Portnoy, Mads Lewis responded to her TikTok video on Instagram, shared by tiktokroom.

Mads Lewis also commented that she tried contacting Nessa Barrett. However, she did not get a response from her, which led to Mads taking it to social media to get Nessa’s attention. Josh Richards responded to that comment by saying it didn’t do anything good for him. And it just made things worse.

Nessa Barrett responds

After a couple of hours of Mads Lewis’s comment, Nessa Barrett responded to the situation through tweets:

She also said she was happy about her performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Nessa also said:

music is the only thing keeping me alive. and that’s what i’m focusing on. that’s it.

She also said that she is not going to let “false judgment” destroy her. Meanwhile, Jaden Hossler also tweeted this:

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