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Josh Peck Inspires Bad Bunny’s Video Drag Queen?

If you’re a 90’s or early 2000s kid, you probably were all for the Disney and Nickelodeon original shows at the time. I mean, who can forget the classics like Hannah Montana or Drake and Josh? Speaking of Drake and Josh, how hot is Josh Peck now! He has gone from the fat chubby kid we knew to the hot stud who is now a part of YouTube’s infamous Vlog Squad. The Drake, Josh, and Megan trio is one we will always love. However, in a recent post, it seems like Josh missed his old days being goofy on television. This one time, he dressed up as a girl, Ms. Nancy, and walked around. From Bad Bunny‘s latest music video, Yo Perreo Sola it looks like Josh fits the role of the Yellowed out drag queen. Only, Ms. Nancy is more graceful.

Bad Bunny’s production wardrobe is Inspired by Josh Peck’s Ms. Nancy?

The two look awfully familiar! Bad Bunny recently uploaded the video and it has more than 130 million views already. Not to brag but, Ms. Nancy has a lot more views. Josh Peck plays Josh Nichols on the Nickelodeon hit, Drake and Josh. The show is about 2 step-brothers and their adoptive sister (Miranda Cosgrove).

The first time we ever saw Miss. Nancy, we completely loved her! Bad Bunny’s Yo Perreo Sola Drag Queen is wearing almost the same dress but just, a lot tighter. I guess that goes with the theme of the song. Considering Drake and Josh was a TV Show for kids, Josh Peck could not have done much to accentuate himself. In the show, his brother Drake, Drake Parker, compares him to rapper Queen Latifah. There might be a more for sure connection to that from Bad Bunny’s video. Considering he is also a rapper. We highly doubt they took inspiration from Josh Peck’s Miss. Nancy. But the similarity is pretty hilarious!