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Josh Peck Fully Embracing the Dad Life

Now that Josh Peck is a dad, he seems to be totally in love with his new role. and also his little baby boy who is all over his social media.

The former Nickelodeon star Josh Peck welcomed his baby boy into the world quite some time ago. Ever since Max Milo was born, both Peck and his wife Paige O’Brien have obsessed over their baby on social media. It seems like fans absolutely love adoring Peck’s baby boy in all the pictures that the Drake & Josh star uploads. With all that we have seen, it is evident that the actor has taken up parenting well. In fact, he seems totally absorbed into his new role as a dad!

For those of you following the Nickelodeon star on Instagram, Milo’s pictures may be no surprise. While performing his dad duties, Josh frequently gives his fans an update. With the new one, Peck even seems to have found another dad to hang around with. The latest picture is a snap of Peck giving his baby boy a stroll while joined by his friend Joe Vulpis. But the hilarious thing to note here is that Joe’s stroller is occupied by a little dog. As cute as Max Milo might be, fans are having a hard time deciding which baby is more adorable!

This definitely is not the first that Josh Peck has shared pictures of himself as a dad. Ever since birth, his Instagram has been bombarded with photos of his son.

Sometimes the actor even makes hilarious videos of his son forcefully dancing to some Shawn Mendes music. He even captioned one such video he was teaching his son about Daddy Shawn.

Peck’s obsession with his role as a dad has clearly conveyed to fans that he is an extremely dedicated parent. But seeing him as a father has made us realize how long it has been since Drake & Josh was on television.