Jon Hill & Trisha Paytas Tried To Cover Their Tracks?

Trisha Paytas shook her friends with an Instaquake, (I just made that up..combine Instagram & earthquake…Hah funny). a few days ago. Well, no we are not talking about the poisonous Only Fans posts with Nikocado Avocado & Trisha Paytas semi-naked & dancing in a so-called seductive way. We are referring to the whole Jon Hill situation. Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband was seen hanging out with Trisha Paytas in all the romantic ways possible.

They made out on her Instagram Stories. They even made it to each other’s Instagram profiles. And the fans started believing both of them are relapsing and giving in to their past addictions. Now, finally, Trisha Paytas shared a Vlog, starring Jon Hill, and it is not what all of us were expecting.

The Brief History Of Their ‘Relationship’

Just like the Aaron Carter scandal, this one did not last long as well.

Jon Hill & Trisha Paytas | Covering Tracks?

After seeing the glimpses of Jon Hill & Trisha Paytas together on Instagram stories and live streams, the fans were expecting more details and tea spills in Trisha’s Vlogs. However, that’s totally not what happened. Trisha Paytas is taking us all on a bumpy ride.

I haven’t vlogged at all since Jon has been here. He has been visiting me.

Referring to the hair-straightening services being provided by Jon Hill, Trisha Paytas says:

This is just goals right here.

Trisha explains that her extension tape was showing so she wanted Jon to work on that part. And she also said he is the only one who has not said anything about her tape showing. But Jon started doing her whole head cause “it looks dope”.

I couldn’t catch the last lines because their voices were not that clear. However, here are some YouTube user comments on the post:

Jon Hill Trisha Paytas

There are many comments on the video in a similar context. These comments even make you ask the question: was this scene staged? Was it them trying to cover their tracks after getting high and messing up?

Like, there is a possibility they did it to cover that deleted Instagram Livestream. What are your thoughts?

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