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Jojo Siwa hosted the Ellen DeGeneres Show, & now people want her to replace Ellen

Recently, Jojo Siwa hosted The Ellen Show and did such a great job that people now want her to host the show permanently.

Recently, Jojo Siwa hosted The Ellen Show and became the youngest person to host the iconic show. According to the singer, Ellen DeGeneres is her idol and it’s a dream come true for her. After DeGeneres was accused of toxic workplace and harassment, the host decided to end the show. The 19th season is the last one for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, people think the singer, dancer, and actor should be the new host of the show.

Few weeks ago, The Ellen Show received People’s Choice Award

Last year, Ellen DeGeneres faced allegations of a toxic workplace environment and enabling racist comments. Since then, The Ellen Show was in jeopardy. After a few months, the host announced that the 19th season will be the last of the show. A few weeks ago, the show won the best daytime talk show in People’s Choice Awards. For the award, the presenter was Jojo Siwa and DeGeneres received it. During her acceptance speech, the host said:

It means more to me especially now. This is our final season so to all the people who voted and to everyone that I have worked with for the past 19 years, we are a family. I love all of you. I’m grateful and thank you for supporting me for all these 19 years that we’ve been doing the show and the show has been the greatest experience of my life. I have enjoyed every bit of it.

Recently, Jojo Siwa hosted the show and became the younger person to host The Ellen Show

While DeGeneres was away, Jojo Siwa sat in the host’s seat on The Ellen Show. With this, she became the youngest host ever. While hosting the show, Jojo Siwa recalled DeGeneres’ kindness and how she achieved the honor of being there. Last month, she came to The Ellen Show as a guest, and this time, she invited Meghan Trainor. Prior to the hosting, Jojo Siwa posted a heartfelt Instagram post and wrote:

“I cant believe this. When I was little I would watch Ellen every single day. I would try so hard to get on Ellen and now Ellen had me guest host. This was DEFINITELY a career dream AND a personal dream come true.”

After Jojo Siwa hosted the show, people urged the producers to give her a permanent spot

It seems that people loved Jojo Siwa as the host of The Ellen Show. Since then, people have been campaigning for her to be the permanent host of The Ellen Show. According to one person:

Just give Jojo the whole show, Ellen needs to retire

Meanwhile, another said:

when a new supreme rises, the old one fades away

According to one person, she is funnier than Ellen.

Another person said:

She should just be the new host of the Ellen show tbh she seems much nicer and is also a blonde lesbian

On the other hand, one person claimed that they would rather watch Jojo Siwa than Ellen DeGeneres.

Needless to say, people loved her as the host for The Ellen Show.

If Ellen DeGeneres is retiring, it might be a good idea for Jojo Siwa to host it. Another option can be that she gets her very own show.