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Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard | Gone Girl Comes To Life?

Johnny Depp and his ex-wife are making the headlines after 3 years of their divorce. What could have been their 5th wedding anniversary, is now burning holes in their personal lives as well as professional lives. Just after one year of the wedding, Amber Heard filed for divorce and a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp. She was scared and she believed Johnny Depp could hurt her real bad. In 2017, the divorce settlement of the US $7 million was agreed by both and Amber donated it all to charity. A point to prove she was not after his money and that, though she demanded financial assistance, Amber could take care of herself. However, the tables have turned and an audio file, confirming Amber Heard abused Johnny Depp, is circulating on the internet now. There is something off about this whole situation, something that gives you the vibes of Gone Girl coming to life.

Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard | Who’s The Culprit?

The fans are sick and worried at the moment. Two celebrities, both coming up with pieces of evidence against each other. Who is the main culprit? Will Johnny Depp and Amber Heard confess to their sins openly? Will they confess how they abused their better-half during the time they stayed together?

In fact, will we ever find the complete story, the whole picture? So far, we just have bits and pieces. The evidence has always been there on the internet. But it is too late to look for them now. When you start looking for these pieces of evidence, you find Amber Heard’s statement when she filed for divorce.

Johnny’s side did not have much to share at that time. Just that he was out of the States and he wouldn’t be back for months. The world could not believe how a huge celebrity like Johnny Depp could hurt his wife. But now, we are not sure who was the main culprit.

Gone Girl Comes To Life

I don’t know why I got the Gone Girl vibes from this whole case. We know there are not that many similarities between Johnny Depp-Amber Heard marital life and the book/movie Gone Girl. But the reason why Gone Girl comes to mind is: Amber Heard did not confess her own doings and misdeeds in her declaration. She detailed the events whenever Johnny Depp was high and whenever he abused her. However, there are no details of when she retaliated. She didn’t mention when Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp.

There are chances that Johnny Depp was not in his senses whenever he was drunk, or high. And people tend to make rash decisions when they are in such a state. Enter: physical abuse in the Depp-Heard case. Was Amber Heard acting in self-defense whenever Depp hit her? Was she trying to protect herself? Or is it really the Gone Girl scenario: framing Depp for the deeds he did not do, or did not start on his own.

The whole situation is so *fucked up*.  Johnny Depp’s paranoia led Amber Heard to abuse him or was it vice versa? Even James Franco and Elon Musk are being dragged into the whole mess. Elon Musk, because Depp claims he paid late-night visits to Heard in Depp’s absence. And that Heard was cheating on him. James Franco, because he was seen riding in the apartment complex elevator with Amber Heard. (They lived in the same building apparently).

We know the end of Gone Girl. Will we see the end of Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard? Is it going to be #JusticeforJohnnyDepp or #JusticeforAmberHeard?