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Joel McHale ‘Running Wild’ With Bear Grylls in This Clip!

The Italian-American actor/host Joel McHale, is all set to appear in Running Wild. The National Geographic show will see Joel explore his skills with survival-expert Bear Grylls. This new clip shows the star of NBC‘s Community, hanging for dear life.

Joel McHale, Bear Grylls

Joel McHale & Bear Grylls

Joel Edward McHale is mostly known for his character (Jeff Winger) in Community. The Italian-American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and host played in Matt Damon starer The Informant in 2009. His appearances in Spy Kids 4, What’s Your Number and The Big Year, are some of his most prominent roles.

Joel’s partner in the clip and host Bear Grylls is a former British Lieutenant-colonel and a survival-guru. Bear is well-known for his Man vs Wild series. He is the youngest-ever Chief Scout of the UK and Overseas Territories. Grylls was just 35 when the title was awarded to him back in 2015. The star of Running Wild is a pioneer when it comes to survival shows.

What is this New Clip About?

One particular moment from the clip stands out more than others. It captures Joel McHale when he’s the most vulnerable. All the cynicism we expect of the comedian disappears as he makes his way up the canyon wall in Arizona. We see Joel McHale at his calmest as he hangs for dear life. Bear looks down and tries to comfort Joel as he struggles to grip the walls.

McHale’s arms are quite fatigued and almost giving away. At this point Joel McHale peers down and yells:

Dear God. Wow, thank you, lord. Welcome to the biggest minute of my everyday living!

In an interview with Uproxx, Grylls sums up the theme of the show quite beautifully:

The extra sanitized culture will become, the much more our innate, historic hunger for the unpredictable, the uncertain, and the wild results in being and the far more interesting it is, even if it is just to watch it on the TV… I consider it is pretty universal for individuals to want to know what would take place if they are examined. Wherever would they be if it was all taken absent from them?

The special clip, featuring Joel McHale is a teaser to the hit show Running Wild. The show has previously featured the likes of ex-president of the United States, Barack Obama, as well. This latest episode looks interesting.

Do give it a watch and don’t forget to share your thoughts on it.