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Joe Rogan spends 20 minutes in a gruesome ice bath

Joe Rogan shared a post on her Instagram where he spends 20 minutes in a gruesome ice bath and people are impressed with him.

UFC commentator and famous podcast host Joe Rogan spent 20 minutes in an ice bath and we are as shocked or concerned as you guys. The comedian has added one more thing to his list of accolades. Rogan said in his Instagram post that “he’s not sure how he did it,” but he did it.

Some of you might know Joe Rogan as a UFC commentator. Others might know him as a comedian, while many might know him as the guy who hosts the most famous podcast in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience. We know him as the guy who can do anything once he puts his mind to it. Many famous people have appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, like Bernie Sanders, Robert Downey Jr., and Jordan Peterson. But, Rogan is big enough to even turn down, interviewing Donald Trump for his podcast twice. He is famous for his diet and exercise routine but is also an expert on Mixed Martial arts and boxing. I mean, after hearing about this, we believed that he could do anything.

It’s not like an ice bath is a new thing. It was actually said that it is a method of speeding up muscle recovery for athletes. Joe Rogan thought wouldn’t it be fun to take one for 20 minutes?

Joe Rogan stays in an Ice Bath for 20 minutes

On 25th July, Joe posted on his Instagram that he spent 20 minutes in the ice bath. The UFC commentator was as hesitant as any of us would be and said in his caption that he doesn’t know how he was able to pull it off. He also mentioned that he blames Jock Willink’s kid for this, but we honestly don’t know why. In the video, he steps into the ice bath and stays there for 20 minutes. He shared all the 20 minutes he spent in that ice bath with his followers and we are surprised. Kudos to Rogan for this because by the looks of it, we can say that he was not enjoying it at all. He wrote in the caption of the video:

I was shivering after this for a solid 30 minutes. I drove to work, it’s 90 degrees out in Texas and I had the AC off and I was shivering the whole way to work.

Many people appreciated Rogan in the comments too, as they were super impressed by his efforts.