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Joe Rogan Explains What Women Don’t Understand About Men to Danica Patrick

Former professional racing driver Danica Patrick and JRE‘s Joe Rogan try to accomplish the impossible in this interview. Pretty Intense podcast Danica tries to grasp “what women don’t understand about men?YouTube‘s Joe also gets curious about what men don’t understand about women.

Joe Rogan’s take on What Women Don’t Know About Men?

The mystery has remained unsolved for centuries and will probably remain as such forever. However, it does not mean that there aren’t going to be any attempts. YouTube JRE Clips Joe Rogan and Pretty Intense’s Danica Patrick also try their luck on the subject.

The discussion starts off as the former stand-up comedian explains the role of testosterone in a man’s life.

Testosterone makes you do stupid shit. This hormone makes you compete with other males and do dumb stuff while trying to out-macho each other. It’s part of being a man.

The statement makes Somnium Wine’s founder curious and shares the desire to know more about what females don’t get about males.

So what else is so manly about you that we don’t grasp? What women don’t understand about men?

The Joe Rogan Experience host now asks Somnium Wines’ owner to be more specific. Danica asks a straightforward question.

So when a girl asks a guy “what’s wrong?” and they reply “there’s nothing’. Is it really nothing? is it annoying when a girls asks this?

It sounds like an easy question on the surface but way more complicated when it’s debunked in detail. Former UFC commentator tries to answer and makes her understand what men are thinking.

Sometimes we just want to decompress because we’re wound up. It also depends on the girl. I mean, if you two don’t really like each other and are not compatible, it’s quite annoying. If you are in love with her, it’s no problem at all. She can ask anything she wants and a man won’t feel annoyed.

Patrick didn’t seem to agree or disagree, but she was undoubtedly enjoying Joe Rogan’s take on it. It didn’t debunk the mystery, but the crux of this video was somewhat transparent. It boils down to compatibility and understanding. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section.