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Jimmy Kimmel Confesses To A Mean Body Shaming Joke Before Dr. Phil On His Podcast Phil In The Blanks

It’s podcast season and Dr. Phil McGraw is already aboard the bandwagon. Alongside his lucrative tabloid talk show, he has set forth on an audio journey with his new podcast, ‘Phil in the Blanks’. Holding fast onto his signature, witty, irreverent and curious statement, Dr. Phil approaches competent professionals and celebrities from all walks of life and encourages them to brave their most abominable weaknesses. Dr. Phil, who has already entertained the psychological woes of Gayle King and Kathy Bates, recently took a chair beside acclaimed TV host, Jimmy Kimmel for his podcast. There the two hilarious hosts indulged in a surprisingly attentive and overwhelmingly insightful dialogue about politics, comedy and their subsequent intersection.

Jimmy Kimmel On Phil In The Blanks

While the host has a reputation for interacting with extreme psychiatric cases on this daytime daily, his podcast is instead aimed at discovering and solving various psychogenic ebbs in seemingly normal people. First Dr. Phil draws his guest to confess or express their frustrations via conversational confrontations. Then he asks them to describe how a certain issue is hampering their routinely conduct. Next, in a very casual tone, Dr. Phil addresses his clients’ issue. Eventually, helping them seek a remedy for their mental health through a collaborative effort.  Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel started off candidly on Dr. Phil’s, Phil in The Blanks. The duo covered various subjects, including, Kimmel’s approach towards comedy, and his struggle to find a successful career. In fact, Kimmel even described his stage fears to Dr. Phil McGraw, telling him how he knew about losing an audience even before going on stage.

A Mean-Spirited Body Shaming Joke From The Past Haunts Jimmy Kimmel Even Today

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While he was on the podcast with Dr Phil, Kimmel confessed to a tasteless joke that he regrets even today. During his first TV outing, as a host for Win Ben Stein’s Money, Kimmel mockingly body-shamed a participant. Kimmel repeatedly addressed the competitor as the ‘big fat guy’, much to his own dismay now. The host then asked Kimmel if his position of power had allowed him to crack the joke. To which, Kimmel replied affirmatively. Kimmel also added that the guy took the joke in good spirit. But what makes Kimmel really guilty about his deed is that the man he was hurting all along; in fact, turned out to be a good sport.

Following Kimmel’s confession, the TV host quickly drew a tangent away from their exchange. He flippantly teased Kimmel for making fun of him all the time and not caring about it later. The duo immediately erupted in laughter following Phil’s response to Kimmel. Kimmel jokingly responded to the psychologist that he knows very well that he is uncaring to the extent where he doesn’t even care about himself. The hilarious banter was reminiscent of Dr. Phil’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And that is something that the guest and the host pointed out themselves.

Phil In The Blanks Podcast: Where To Listen

Kimmel finds Phil to be one of his favorite guests, something that clearly awed the psychologist on the podcast. There were several such lukewarm moments during the conversation. And if you want to hear about them, you can head to Phil’s website where all parts of his Phil in the Blanks podcast are available. Phil in the Blanks is also available on Apple Podcasts and Sticher.