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Jessica Yaniv | A Pedophile Pretending to be a Trans?

This may be disturbing for some of you, but trans-activist Jessica Yaniv is allegedly a trans pedophile. The shocking revelation was made by Blaire White, an American You-Tuber and political commentator in her recent video, Exposing Jessica Yaniv: Trans Predator.

“Now this person is one of the most twisted, abhorrent, dangerous individuals and is such a  bad look for the trans community and transgender people in general.”

She also highlighted that there are no prominent trans figures condemning this individual or calling him out.

Jessica Yaniv: A trans pedophile?!

According to Blaire White, the trans-‘activist’ goes into public women restrooms photographing underage girls.  Apparently, she also sends “predatory, disgusting, entirely inappropriate” messages to tweens and teenagers. Yaniv also used her status as trans to shut down a spa after they refused to wax Jessica Yaniv’s male privates.

Yaniv is also said to be hosting private topless swimming parties…. with kids while specifically stating “topless.”

The bathroom pictures

The irony is that even as a trans-woman, Yaniv looks and completely dresses up in men’s attire in women’s bathrooms.

White commented:

 “Even if I as a trans-women saw this person in the women’s bathroom, I would question it and be a little weirded out.”

In fact, even Yaniv’s transition stage isn’t there considering he/she is a transgender who supposedly identifies as a woman.

Text messages to young girls

Allegedly, Yaniv also sends messages to underage girls on Facebook and social media asking them incredibly inappropriate, invasive messages. Then Blaire White proceeded to read some of the messages:

“So at the gym, do girls bare all?”

Do you see t*** and p**** ever?

Have you ever seen a tampon string hanging out of another girl’s thing?

I was really expecting to walk in and see girls with their b**** out

Went really well I expected more though. I only saw one girl in their panties

If she wants a tampon though, should I give her one and instruct her how to use it?

Like, why would I go into the stall with her and help her? that sounds so weird

Maybe… is it weird to ask 10-12 year old girl for a pad or a tampon?

Is Jessica Yaniv even a trans-woman?

Blaire White said she believes that Jessica Yaniv is a predator posing as a trans-woman. Indeed this is incredibly suspicious. It should be looked into by the appropriate authorities.

In multiple tweets, Yaniv is asking other girls “how old are you?”. This is a clear hint at pedophilia and predatory behavior.

A tweet by ‘RadicalMom’ on Twitter says:

“Judge rules girls have no right to ‘visual bodily privacy’ from boys, as long as they’re not being touched.”

To this, Jessica Yaniv had commented,


With the hashtag LGBT rights.

These are actually not representative of LGBT rights since this rule removes the right of privacy for young girls’ privacy. The failure of Yaniv, alleged trans pedophile, to realize it is alarming.

In conclusion, it’s unclear what Jessica Yaniv really is but if this individual is just posing to be a trans woman in order to exploit young girls, then the authorities need to investigate it. A pedophile and predator should never be allowed to roam free. It’s even sadder when people will use this story in order to discredit others who legitimately identify as trans people, and who are suffering from gender dysphoria.

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