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Jessi Smiles leaks voice call of Gabbie Hanna from 2020, and examines her tweets about Curtis Lepore

Gabbie Hanna is attempting to clear her image yet again by bring back old scandals in her career. With an exclusive interview with ‘Buzzfeed’, she was expecting to get people on her side. Aptly titled ‘Why is everyone so mad at Gabbie Hanna?‘, this article made a lot of Gabbie’s former friends mad at her. The most concerning incident was when she was painted as a r*pe apologist when she didn’t believe Jessi Smiles on her r*pe story. What’s more is that Gabbie was allegedly friends with Curtis Lepore after knowing about the r*pe. Hanna, since, has apologized to associating with Lepore but she’s often contradicted herself.

Jessi Smiles leaked voice call with Gabbie Hanna where she admits to lying

The first video

Jessi Smiles posted a series of videos explaining her side of the situation.

The video is titled:

Gabbie and I had a phone call last summer. I never planned to release it. In fact, there’s nothing I want more than to never talk or think about Gabbie ever again. But her continued lying about my trauma has officially broken me and I don’t know what else to do.

The first video deals with the fact that Gabbie was lying about only interacting with Curtis Lepore once at a party. Gabbie and Curtis had actually met three times.

As Jessi Smiles shared, Gabbie told Jessi on call that the first time she talked to Curtis was on FaceTime call. Gabbie explains that she picked up the call because she did not have his number saved. This happened after Gabbie’s first fight with Jessi.

The second situation was when Curtis “tried to take a selfie with Gabbie” at a party.

gabbie curtis selfie call Jessi Smiles
Jessi notes that the selfie doesn’t see Gabbie as someone who was reluctant to take the selfie

The third situation Gabbie Hanna shared with Jessi was when she interacted with Curtis at a place called 1600 Vine at Lele Pons’ place.

Gabbie has previously called out Jessi for lying about the fact that Gabbie was friends with Curtis Leopore’s friends. But in the call, she admits to being friends with his friends. Jessi points out that this is what she was talking about in her 2019 November video about Gabbie. In her video, Jessi had said that Gabbie was pulled to the side by Curtis. And Gabbie admits to that happening in the leaked voice call.

But Gabbie Hanna gets defensive and said that “I was friends with people who knew Curtis” and that she is “allowed to have friends” and that she “couldn’t cut everybody out of her life”.

Then in second video, Gabbie explains why she heard Curtis Lepore out

Jessi Smiles is on call and telling Gabbie that she didn’t know about so many interactions Gabbie had with Curtis Lepore. And then Jessi gets more upset when Gabbie shared that she listened to Curtis Lepore’s side.

Gabbie says she did it in order to see if Curtis would be lying and she says, “I did it to defend you!”. But Curtis Lepore told her the same story as Jessi Smiles’ story. That Jessi was asleep and Curtis, her boyfriend at the time, r*ped her while she was unconscious. Curtis Lepore has pleaded guilty to the r*pe charges and the case has been legally resolved.

Then Jessi Smiles cries on call and tries to explain to Gabbie that she shouldn’t have tried to “hear out” the other side of the story from a r*pist. But Gabbie still persists in saying that she was only doing it to “catch him in a lie”.

Gabbie hears him out and tells him that she will never publicly bash him or publicly defend him or Jessi Smiles. But in her recent Buzzfeed exclusive interview, Gabbie had told a different tale:

gabbie buzzfeed article lies Jessi Smiles

The tweets that Gabbie Hanna made mocking r*pe was for a different case

Gabbie alleges on the call that she had no idea about the Curtis Lepore TMZ article when she made some hurtful tweets about the situation.

gabbie tweet tmz curtis rape Jessi Smiles

It was a reply to her previous tweet about a Vine meme that was going on. The bigshot Lil Wayne song
“Beware beware of a woman with a broken heart”. But Gabbie deleted the original tweet because she had no idea on the context.

The reality of the situation was that Gabbie Hanna had another guy friend whose life was ruined due to a false r*pe allegation. Her comments on the TMZ article was based on that and not on the Jessi Smiles r*pe case. And she says she deleted her tweet after finding out about the situation.

Gabbie further poses the question in the call on why her problematic tweets were an issue since she became friends with Jessi Smiles eight months after it.

Why is this coming up in 2020 when we became friends eight months after those tweets were even out. So it just goes to show that you’re retroactively trying to paint me as a villain.

Jessi was trying to get her to admit that she was lying in her video about not knowing the context of her tweet. Gabbie tried to justify it by saying that everyone thought Jessi was lying when she talked about her r*pe.

Jessi countered saying that people have apologized for it since then. And Gabbie says, “So have I”.

Then Jessi Smiles explains to her that if she doesn’t want to be seen as a “r*pe apologist”, then she has to address these tweets:

gabbie hanna rape apologist tweets Jessi Smiles

Gabbie Hanna demands apology from Jessi Smiles and says she’s suicidal due to being labelled as a r*pe apologist

In the call, Gabbie is adamant on demanding a public apology from Jessi Smiles:

I want a public statement apology saying I should have never done this. It was inappropriate to share private conversations publicly. That is the way that I will stop talking about this and literally drop it. I want something that says I’m sorry that I hurt this person. & I should not have done this. I shouldn’t have shared private messages.

Then Jessi shared in the video that Gabbie herself was showing their private conversations in her video.

Moreover, in the call, Gabbie is telling Jessi that she doesn’t want to keep dragging the drama online and doesn’t want expose videos in her name. But Jessi shows that Gabbie actually made more videos calling Jessi out by name compared to only the one that Jessi made in Gabbie’s name.

gabbie makes videos about jessi Jessi Smiles
gabbie shares private dms Jessi Smiles

Gabbie keeps saying she doesn’t to continue the drama online anymore. Jessi Smiles offers a suggestion that Gabbie should sue her to truly keep things offline so that both of their fans don’t get affected by it. But Gabbie says that she is more interested in bringing her fans into this as they are being affected by it. And Gabbie says she’s not after Jessi’s money:

I don’t want your money, Jessi. I do not want your money, I don’t want it.

Jessi Smiles suggests keeping the fans out…..

Jessi says it’s better to keep the fans out of it as even she gets worried when she sees Gabbie’s livestreams. Gabbie says to that:

You should be. I’m f*cking suicidal. And that’s why we have to continue to do this.

To that Jessi says, “I’m sorry” and “that’s why they shouldn’t continue this online anymore”.

Gabbie persists:

Silence has not helped me. I still have to clear my name. So I have to like keep doing this.

Then Jessi shares a clip of Gabbie talking in her ‘Box of thoughts’ podcast, directing her words at Jessi who isn’t there:

You are a narcissistic abuser. And you have been for six f*cking years Jessi Smiles.

Jessi adds this picture of Gabbie making too many tweets about Jessi:

gabbie tweetstorm on jessi Jessi Smiles

Again, Jessi tries to reason with her by getting lawyers involved. And Gabbie Hanna explains:

but that’s stressful for me too. i keep going and sitting with these litigators thinking about the idea of people saying how terrible I am for suing somebody with a child. what I want is for people to hear my side. I have no desire to take food out of your kid’s mouth. I know that, like, your kid is in speech classes. And like that sh*t is expensive. You’re a mother. You’re a family. I don’t want to hurt you. And the only thing that I want is for my name to get cleared. For me to feel like my story is heard. And for this to go away.

Is it going to end?

While Jessi Smiles has shared more details this time on her Twitter, Gabbie Hanna has still not addressed the latest allegations against her. The fans are not happy with the things being brought online and the viners involved not getting the closure.

However, Gabbie had been using her social handles recently as she uploaded her artwork on all of her social handles.

Many fans have also come forward with the proof that even though Gabbie had deleted many of her tweets, she still has one tweet liked that was supporting Curtis Lepore. There are also leaked clips from her paid patreons that prove Gabbie asked her fans to take over the internet without telling anyone that she asked them to do so.

Just recently Trisha Paytas also reacted to Gabbie Hanna’s Buzzfeed article. And it is safe to assume that like Jessi, Trisha was not happy with the article. Gabbie is currently trending on Twitter and we might get to see a response from her soon enough.

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