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Reggie from Julie and the Phantoms is Married!

Jeremy Shada who plays Reggie from Julie and the Phantoms is Married!

Julie and the Phantoms was recently released on Netflix. It follows the plot of a teenage girl Julie (Madison Reyes) who’s struggling to play music again after she loses her mother. After going through her mom’s stuff, she finds an old CD of a band ‘Sunset Curve’. Julie puts it on and there appear three members of the band: Alex (Owen Joyner), Luke (Charlie Gillepsie), and Reggie (Jeremy Shada)! Yes, they’re ghosts! The four of them end up playing music together as other people can see the three ghosts when they’re performing. Well, the fans loved the characters as well as the actors that play them. One of the fan-favorite is the adorable Reggie that plays a seventeen-year-old band member of Sunset Curve and (then later on Julie and the Phantoms). But in real life, he’s not 17! Not only that but he’s also married!

Reggie’s Jeremy Shada is actually married in real life!

Jeremy Shada plays the character of the heartwarming and adorable Reggie. Even though it’s not uncommon for adults to play teens (looking at you Riverdale), it’s surprising to know that the teen boy is married in real life.

Jeremy is actually twenty-three years old in real life and is married to Carolynn Rowland. The two got married in March of 2020!



1 year ago today, I got engaged to this crazy kid. Love you sweet boy ❤️

Carolynn also reveals that the two got engaged almost a year ago. People may know her since her twin brother, Carson Rowland, starred in a Nickelodeon show ‘I am Frankie’. But Carolynn Rowland also has some amazing accomplishments on her own.

She’s a professional ballet and starred in ‘Los Angeles Ballet’ during their 2017 season!



It’s clear to see that Jeremy Shada and Carolynn Rowland make a pretty cute couple!





Accurate depiction of our relationship. Jk 😉



Squishy! Ps this photo makes me laugh so much.

Jeremy Shada met Carolynn Rowland through mutual friends and they started dating. Their relationship developed so much that they got engaged in August of 2019.

Finally, in March of this year, Jeremy Shada and Carolynn Rowland got married!



Happy wife…happy life. ❤️ Sorry for spamming wedding photos. ACTUALLY NO! I’M NOT SORRY! Because they’re just too freaking awesome! Thanks @mariomunozjr for killing it! 😍

Their relationship is certainly a wholesome one! Both Carolynn and Jeremy are each other’s greatest supporters. When Jeremy Shada appeared on Julie and the Phantoms, Carolynn created these cool custom shirts that fans can buy:



Hey #Fantoms 👻 So Excited to share this little project my wife @carolynnshada whipped up the past 2 days! People were so supportive of her ghost art design and she wanted to share it with everyone! SO NOW IT’S ON A T-SHIRT!!!👻👻👻 So excited for y’all to see it but I’m even MORE excited because we’re giving a portion of the proceeds from each shirt to @makeawishamerica (which is one of our favorite charities)! We wanted to give back to all the talented fans (special shoutout to @arttavern ) who’ve inspired her design through drawing so many cute ghosts! I hope you enjoy it! Get the T-shirt at the link in her bio! @carolynnshada ❤️👻

Jeremy Shada also explained that the proceeds from the shirts will be going to the charity ‘Make a Wish America’.

Aren’t these two just the best?