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Jeremy Buendia and Kenny KO | Rivalry Between The Two

Rivalry between Jeremy Buendia and Fitness YouTuber Kenny KO

The year 2019, has been a roller-coaster ride for the winner of multiple Men’s Physique Champion titles. Jeremy Buendia has been in the headlines for physical abuse of an ex-girlfriend and also for losing his sponsors. After being called-out by Kenny Ko, a fitness YouTuber, Jeremy took matters to the court, according to some sources.

Jeremy Buendia Sues Kenny Ko for $1,000,000

In wake of all the recent events, Jeremy used Instagram as a platform to apologize and also shed light on the controversies surrounding him. In the video, Jeremy Buendia denies laying his hands on her. He also mentions that there will be legal actions against everyone who is trying to defame him. The name Kenny KO (Kenny Boulet), kept surfacing more than others.

What’s The Beef Between the Two?

Not so long ago, Boulet invited the ex-girlfriend to a Skype interview on his YouTube channel. She explained the abuse in detail. In response, Kenny KO was seen saying some really harsh words for Jeremy Buendia and the videos went viral.

After that and other interviews on the topic went viral, Buendia decided to take Kenny to the court. Looks like the 4 time Men’s Physique Champ is hitting back hard. He considers Kenny KO to be a major part of his downfall. Finally, when Kenny refused to take down the videos, Jeremy sued him for $1,000,000.