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Jennifer Garner Wants to See Your Talents

Since Coronavorus is spreading, Hollywood is shutting down. However, Jennifer Garner has come up with a genius idea to showcase your talents.

Due to Coronavirus, Hollywood is also shutting down. Film premieres, Broadway and other events, everything has been postponed. However, Jennifer Garner wants you to showcase your talents on the internet.

In order to prevent Coronavorus from spreading, Hollywood has also canceled events and premieres

Although it started in China, Coronavirus has since spread all over the world. It has been declared a pandemic and countries are shutting down. Earlier this week, Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife, Rita Wilson has contracted the virus. From Coachella to SXSW, all the major festivals and events have been delayed. Not only that, but filmmakers are also delaying film premieres, So far, No Time To Die, A Quite Place II and Fast and Furious 9 have been stopped from releasing.

However, in this difficult time, Jennifer Garner decided that ‘the show must go on’

In order to encourage the young performers and professionals, Jennifer Garner started an internet trend. With the #heyjenlookatme, she asked people to showcase their talents. In an Instagram post, she said:

This time of year has so many people, from preschoolers to professionals, working their tails off to perform. An now—the games, the meets, the recitals, the productions, big and small—are shut down. Well, the show must go on, people!!! Break out your oboes, belt our your torch songs, run in place—I don’t care. Show us what you’ve been working on and we will show it to the world. Use #heyjenlookatme, because I want to see.

After Jennifer Garner called, people listened and started tagging her

Some showcased their singing talents, while others showed their dance performances. It seems that Garner has invited everyone to a big party on the internet. For those who might be shy or feel nervous to perform in public, it is an incredible chance to showcase their hidden talents in front of the world.