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Jeffree Star threatening Andre Marhold’s Baby Mommy?

We never thought this day would come when Andre Marhold’s baby mama would be allegedly attacked in the DMs by Jeffree Star. Some of you might be aware of the ongoing Jeffree Star x Andre Marhold feud. But let’s just summarize this whole feud for those who are not aware of it. So Jeffree went on a couple of dates with this ex-basketball player Andre Marhold. And according to the beauty mogul, they were just in it for the sake of s*x and fun.

Then there came a twist in the plot when Andre’s baby mama ‘Leezy’ gave an exclusive interview to ‘Nstyle Atlanta’ and mentioned that Andre told her he is going to L.A. to get some work done. And while she was randomly scrolling through her phone, she came across Jeffree and Andre’s pictures. Which shocked her to her core. Because Andre never mentioned anything about having an affair with someone.

Everything was going fine until last week when Jeffree said in a long thread of Instagram stories that he has called it quits with Andre. And there seems to be a lot of bad blood between the two. On the other hand, Andre’s baby mama just asked everyone to leave her in peace, especially Jeffree Star. Who allegedly threatened her in DMs to know about Andre’s whereabouts.

Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold are not on good terms anymore

So, Jeffree sent Andre home when he realized that the ex-basketball player has lied to him about many things. Then a few days later, Jeffree found out that some branded accessories were missing from his house. So, he posted a long thread of stories on his Instagram & Snapchat and asked Andre to return the alleged stolen things.

Jeffree further mentioned that Andre is avoiding his calls and messages. And he just wants him to return his things. After some time, Jeffree deleted all of the Instagram & Snapchat stories in which he was accusing Andre of stealing from him. Now you all must be thinking why Jeffree deleted those stories? Because Andre allegedly threatened Jeffree saying that he will expose him and show the world his true colors. Although, there were some fake accounts in Andre’s name that were spreading some rumors too. It was not clear whether Andre was behind all the threats.

So when Jeffree was having a hard time getting ahold of Andre, he slid into the baby mama Leezy’s DMs and allegedly threatened her to know about Andre’s whereabouts. It’s not clear if this is true. And if it is, it’s confusing why Jeffree Star would be this direct with her.

However, Leezy does not want to be involved in this drama anymore.

Andre Marhold’s baby mama said she was kept in the dark

So we already know that Andre’s baby mama Leezy mentioned in an exclusive interview with N’Style Atlanta that she was not aware of Andre and Jeffree’s relationship. But she figured it out through social media and came to this conclusion that Andre stepped back from her and the baby because of Jeffree Star.

A lot of people don’t know that Andre has been with Leezy for the past two years and they have a beautiful baby boy together who is almost 12 months old.

Leezy also mentioned in this interview that Andre has been avoiding her calls. And she also cleared up the rumors about a girl name ‘Lo’ who was claiming to be Andre’s girlfriend in a twitter spat with Jeffree. According to Leezy, Andre never dated Lo.

On the other hand, Jeffree mentioned in an Instagram story that Andre flew back to Atlanta to visit his son. And Andre even posted a few pictures of the baby on his Instagram.

But according to Leezy, she has been avoiding drama for a few weeks. And Andre didn’t even wish her on her birthday. But he is still posting pictures of his baby. Which only explains one thing that Andre is posting old stuff on his social media. So that people would think everything is normal between him and the baby mama.

Andre Marhold’s baby mama’s last Instagram post before she deactivated her account

So now we know what actually happened between Andre and Jeffree. They have called it quits. And when Jeffree tried to reach Andre to get his stuff back, he didn’t get any response. Instead of waiting for a response, he allegedly slid into Leezy’s DMs.

Leezy posted this heart-wrenching post on her Instagram before deactivating it.

“Everyday is a nightmare to live with this BS (bullsh*t), I barely sleep, I lost my Focus, I don’t like going Out anymore. I’m Trying to be strong for my Son who deserves my Full attention as mother & father.”

She further added that she never thought she would be humiliated out in the public. Leezy also mentioned that she has been attacked and harassed by Jeffree Star in the DMs who was trying to find Andre. (But no receipts were shown or attached). Jeffree never asked for her permission or views before he started seeing Andre. So we don’t really know why he is sliding into her DMs now.

Everyday is a nightmare

She further added that she has been watching this drama for a very long time. And her mental health is being affected by it.

Everyday is a nightmare

With these two posts, we have come to this conclusion that Leezy is raising the baby on her own. And Andre is not playing any part of it. So he is only posting old stuff on his social media.

Let’s hope the situation gets resolved as soon as possible.

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