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Jeffree Star Spills More Tea On Feud With James Charles

I think most of you still remember the whole James Charles x Tati Westbrook drama from last year. It caused a stir on the internet and became the talk of the town. And soon enough, Jeffree Star was dragged into the drama.

It all started when James Charles posted an Instagram story promoting Sugarbear Sleep Vitamins. This was the direct competitor of Tati Westbrook’s brand who then uploaded a 40 min YouTube video cutting all ties with James. That wasn’t all. Tati spilled a lot of tea in those 40 minutes, outing James as a sexual predator.

This led to other YouTube stars weighing in on the drama and Jeffree Star was one of them. He decided to give his own two cents about James by confirming what Tati said as true and thus, the feud started.

Jeffree Star Spills More Tea

So during this week’s episode of Mom’s Basement podcast, the host brought up Jeffree’s since deleted tweet calling James a “predator” and a “danger to society,” asking him if he still thinks that.

Jeffree answered by saying it’s a very complicated situation. But he’s 100% comfortable with the host asking him that question. He also revealed that someone whose opinion he trusts told them a few things about James. Jeffree can’t legally name who nor does he want to out James’s victim but hearing these things from a few people confirmed that he’s a predator.

He also said how it’s f*cked up that people made him out to be a villain. He was referring to fans saying Jeffree only wanted to ruin James’s career. Jeffree clarified that it was Tati that ruined his career since she was the one who made the 40 min video. He said it made no sense for him and Shane to get all the blame for the feud but it was Tati who started all of it. “But I get it, I’m more interesting, she’s safe,” he said.

“And for some reason, James thinks that me and Shane tried to ruin his life and orchestrated the whole thing like we f-cking care. You think we care to drag or ruin someone… for what? We’re our own superstars, we’re our own lane, we’re doing our own thing together. And we’ve made so much magic, why would we ever want to bring someone down? We don’t give a f-ck,” Jeffree shared.

What’s The Status Now?

The beauty star also went on to clear that he and Tati are not friends. They’re not enemies. But they’re not friends either. And about James, Jeffree cleared up that people just want to think there’s a feud between them. But the truth is, there is none. There isn’t even any competition. Jeffree has been doing this for a long time and James doesn’t come anywhere near his level.

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