Jeffree Star Just Proposed To Trisha Paytas | Wedding Before Christmas?

Trisha Paytas is an internet celebrity with a Ph.D. in “how to stay in the spotlight.” Whether it’s her wedding with a Brad Pitt cut-out, YES, that ‘really’ happened. Or it’s creating public beef with Keemstar… Paytas does not know how to stop. She once even came out as a ‘trans’ with a flawed ideology that got her severe backlash from the transgender community.

It’s hard to figure out what Trisha is really famous for. Her regular meltdowns, bizarre antics, and all-over drama queen vibes greatly entertain people. In any case, she has a huge following even though she is frequently a victim of trolling.

Like when Trisha Paytas tweeted about her mom…

Trisha Payats wrote a heartfelt note on Twitter, expressing how deeply she loves her mother:

I <3 my mom. Without her, I’d be nothing. She has been consistently by my side my whole life, truly loves me unconditionally and I just would do anything and everything for that woman.

Trisha Paytas on Twitter

But then a critic replied saying:

Next scandal, Trisha Paytas divorces Cardboard Brad Pitt and marries mom

We’re not laughing…….you’re laughing.

Trisha Is Never Divorcing Brad Pitt…

If nothing else… one could learn how to take a joke from none other than Trisha Paytas. She loyally stands by the oaths she took on her cut-out wedding with the handsome Brad Pitt. In response to the critic’s tweet, Trisha replied:

“We would never…”

But then, Star Proposes…

If this Twitter thread couldn’t get any better, it JUST did. Especially when makeup mogul Jeffree Star stepped into the conversation. In fact, Star asked Trisha Paytas to marry him before Christmas. And Paytas said a yes that really screamed, “YASSSSS!”

trisha paytas jeffree star wedding makeup palette Jeffree Star
Twitter Interaction between Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star

Wedding or… Wedding Palette ft. Jeffree Star?

We’re not sure if a wedding is possible at this point. But this could be a hint towards a beauty collaboration.

One thing is for sure, fans ‘want’ a makeup collaboration, and they are asking for it!

trisha paytas jeffree star wedding makeup palette tweet JPG Jeffree Star
Twitter stans of Trisha and Jeffree

We can’t help but imagine what a Trisha Paytas-inspired Jeffree Star makeup palette would be like. But we are here for it!

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