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Jeffree Star and James Charles Destroy Kat Von D’s Make-up in Iconic Video

Jeffree Star just took his final blow at Kan Von D and got together with James Charles to physically destroy some of Kat's makeup in an iconic video.

It’s probably known by now that YouTube drama never fades away. And YouTubers will feud over the pettiest things on the planet. With this latest blow at Kat Von D, Jeffree Star has proved that their clash is never getting old. It has been almost two years since the best friends fought. But neither is prepared to let go of the differences. Previously, we saw Jeffree throw some serious shade at Kat on Twitter. But this time, he has done so much more. In an iconic video, Jeffree paired up with his old pal James Charles. And the two physically destroyed with sledgehammers and flamethrowers all the makeup that they despised last year. Everything from Victoria Secret to Fenty Beauty was killed. But the makeup from Kat Von D was not latest. In fact, it’s actually 10 years old. And looks like he held onto that one for too long.

Jeffree Star and James Charles Collab to Burn Despised Makeup Products

In an iconic video, beauty gurus James Charles and Jeffree Star came together with sledgehammers and flamethrowers. And they intended to completely destroy all the makeup that they despised in 2018. When the rounded up all the makeup that they hated last year, it included Hot Topic’s official Nickelodeon eye shadow palette. Next came some lip glosses from Victoria Secret. But well, destroying those had two reasons. Firstly because they didn’t find them good, and secondly they burned them to protest against the company’s marketing officer’s fat and transphobic comments that he released before the fashion show aired.

The official Crayola makeup collection which released last Spring was next in line. Along with these were  a bunch of Huda Beauty products. Probably everybody already knows that Jeffree Star is no fan of Huda Kattan. He had some beef with her after he claimed that she copied her baking powder concept from a small indie brand. James Charles and Star also destroyed Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava Liquid body shimmer because apparently, it’ too sticky. And that’s all the justification they had!

After completely destructing some foundations, Sephora palettes and Chanel body glitter, Star introduced the greatest surprise for this video. It was a Kat Von D product which was the last piece of her makeup in his beauty room. And he said that it was time to move on. It was a shady bronzer by Kat Von D beauty, and well, it came out some 10 years ago. So seems like Jeffree Star held on to that one for too long.

Just for the sake of it, Charles also destroyed his Morphe palette which recently came out. What could be better in 2019 than killing off makeup that sucks?