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Jeffree Star’s Ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt Misses One Of Their Dogs?

I don’t think I have to introduce this beautiful human being ‘Nathan Schwandt’ to you guys. He is the man of my dreams and many others. He is someone who doesn’t like to create drama or even be a part of it. We really don’t know the actual reason behind Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt’s relationship end. But as per Jeffree, both he and Nathan were not in a healthy mental state. There was a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes. So they ended things on good terms.

A lot of fans think Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt should have parted ways before moving to the Dream House. Their house tour is literally giving me depression because Nathan looks so lost.

Nathan Schwandt Posts A Picture Of Delicious

As we all know that Jeffree and Nathan adopted four dogs together. And Nathan shared a picture of a Pomeranian on his Instagram story a few hours ago.

“Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy…I miss you everyday.”

Nate's Instagram Story
Nathan Schwandt Instagram

Jeffree had both Diva and Diamond for a very long time. And he adopted four more dogs with Nathan who are Drama, Delicious, Daddy, and Da Vinci. I could be wrong but this dog in the picture clearly looks like ‘Delicious’. Because he is the only boy with dark hair.

I took a screenshot from the Dream House Tour and you can clearly see how Nathan is holding Delicious in his arms. Damn! This guy is literally making my heart melt.

Nate holding Delicious
Jeffree Star Instagram

Jeffree and Nathan lost ‘Daddy and Diamond’ with a gap of a few months. And as per the beauty guru, their loss is one of the reasons for his and Nathan’s relationship ending.

Earlier this year, Star has adopted two cute little Pomeranian puppies and named them ‘Dominatrix and Dessert’. I cannot believe how fast they are growing.

So we cannot say if Nathan is missing Jeffree or not but he is surely missing the dogs bigtime. Jeffree even mentioned in the break-up video that Nathan can visit the dogs anytime when he wants. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish for Nathan to meet his babies really soon.

What Is Nathan Schwandt Up to These Days?

Well! Our guy is pretty much-enjoying skating and working part-time with his pops.  He has even launched his very own and limited merch ‘homebody’. There were some logo copyright issues in the beginning but now everything is going well. And the second bunch of orders will be dispatched soon which consists of some super chic tank tops, t-shirts, and cropped tops.

Nathan Schwandt is working out from here. And hopefully trying to keep a hold of his emotions. As we never really got a hold of his side of the story. So we really don’t know what happened between the two. But during this ongoing YouTube Beauty Community Scandal, fans are showing a lot of support to Nathan. They think whatever happened, happened for the best. We really don’t know how many things Nathan is keeping inside him.

What if he wants to come out in the open and share his side of the story? But he has to stay quiet for some very obvious reasons. I really want him to start his YouTube Beauty channel.

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