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Jeffree Star drags Ex-Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in current drama

I guess we all were wrong while thinking Jeffree Star will never say ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt’s name again. More than four months ago, Jeffree shaded ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in a YouTube video while referring to the ‘Aston Martin’ drama. He was having a heart-to-heart moment with his assistant who said “It’s sad what you do for people and what they do in return”. To which Jeffree replied in return “It truly gets scary sometimes”. Jeffree also admits in the ‘Updated House Tour Video’ that he just wanted to create a video so he took the fish out of the water and created one. We will talk about it in detail. But right now, Jeffree dragged Nathan’s name once again on social media just to divert attention from the current situation. As we all know Jeffree’s new boyfriend ‘Andre Marhold’ was in a lot of relationships before Jeffree. He also has a daughter and people are accusing Jeffree of calling the first shots on Andre.

Let’s shed some light on what fans think about Jeffree’s relationship with new boyfriend ‘Andre Marhold’

So we all know how Jeffree teased a very sultry photo on his social media with a mystery guy. Fans started speculating that the mystery guy might be ‘Jozea Rose’ who appeared in one of Jeffree’s YouTube videos. But he didn’t have any tattoos.

Jeffree knew that fans will solve the mystery man story on their own, which they did and the mystery guy turned out to be basketball player ‘Andre Marhold’. Then an indirect twitter spat started between Jeffree Star and one of Andre’s ex-girlfriends ‘Lauren aka Lo’.

A lot of people know that Andre has a daughter. So, they thought Andre is either cheating on his wife. Or Jeffree is having an alleged relationship with ‘Andre’ and paying him money to spend time with him.

Jeffree Star clearing all misconceptions regarding his new boyfriend Andre Marhold

So Jeffree shot a couple of tweets on his twitter account and explained a lot of misconceptions regarding his current boyfriend ‘Andre Marhold’. Jeffree highlighted the fact that he doesn’t hang out or have any sort of relationship with married men.

Yes, marriage licenses are a public record. And people would have found out about Andre’s wife if he had one. He has a very beautiful daughter with a woman who is not a part of any social platform. And no, the girl ‘Lauren’ from twitter is not Andre’s ex-wife. She is his ex-girlfriend. And Andre never married anybody.

Star tweeted out saying:

“I don’t hang out with married men. I’m not going to repeat myself again so read it twice. Marriage licenses are public record. Commons sense is not so common.”

A lot of people were bashing Jeffree for dating men who are interested in both men and women. Guys, it’s 2020. It’s about time that we should move on from this point and focus more on not judging people and calling them weird names. And if Andre wants to have a relationship with a guy, we shouldn’t have any problem with it.

Star also added:

“The concept of being attracted to both genders, still REALLY has some people confused.

A lot of fans were confused about the fact that how can Andre make a gender switch in a relationship. Just like they used to drag Nathan down every time when he was seen out in public with Jeffree. Fans even used to say that Nathan was with Jeffree just for the sake of money. Because before Jeffree, Nathan never dated any man.

Jeffree shared on Twitter:

“Remember when I heard “he’s only with you for the money” for 5 years with Nathan? I’m so bored of that rhetoric.”

Some fans were taking Jeffree’s side and saying that it shouldn’t matter if two men are dating:

“have ya’ll ever sat back and thought maybe it’s not about the money and these men genuinely want to be with him or ya’ll can’t get that wrapped around yalls head because you’re homophobic and hate to see men like other men?”

History is repeating itself

And now history is repeating itself once again. The world is changing but a lot of fans still think that Andre is with Jeffree just for the sake of money.  And Jeffree is clearly bored with hearing the same thing again and he has clearly mentioned it too.

Jeffree mentioned Nathan’s name in the tweet and said that he got so bored by hearing this ‘he is only with you for the money’ thing.  And that he doesn’t want to hear the same thing again.

We really don’t know where Jeffree’s relationship stands with Andre. But it seems like they are in it for the long run.

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