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Jeffree Star spills details of his breakup with Andre Marhold

OMG guys, this sh*t is about to get real. Because Jeffree Star just took to his social media and shared that he has been played by his new beau Andre Marhold. And I am like wait, what? Def Noodles, the satirical news commentator, broke this news on Twitter like an hour ago. And after that, the internet has literally gone into a frenzy. So after seeing all the tweets, Jeffree thought about referring to this issue once and for all. He shared how so many of his expensive things are missing from his house. And he doesn’t really care about them. But it would have been really nice of Andre to actually ask him if he can take those things instead of stealing them. And when Jeffree Star tried to call him, he didn’t answer his phone. But instead, he was posting old stories from Jeffree’s house so that people would think everything is fine between these two. Okay, this thing is a bit messed up.

Jeffree Star cut ties with boyfriend Andre Marhold

Before we dive into Jeffree’s recent IG story in which he explained in detail that he has cut all ties with Andre Marhold. We would like to share an update that Jeffree has deleted all the pictures with Andre Marhold from his IG. But the mystery boyfriend picture is still there on his IG, for now. That is the picture that started it all on social media. We think Jeffree should just delete it as well.

Anyways, now let’s jump to what Jeffree has to say about his now ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold for stealing things from his house.

“I am sure a lot of you out there dated or dealt with or even hung out with some shady a*s people. And yes bi*ch it happened to me.”

Everything was going fine between these two. Jeffree even made another trip to Wyoming with Andre. And they were seen together in an IG live on 20th September. But after that Andre was not spotted in any posts by Jeffree.

Anyways, Jeffree further mentioned in the IG post he was told by someone that Andre doesn’t have any job, bank account, or money. But these were all lies. So he planned on splitting up with Andre and send him home.

Jeffree Star talks about the stolen Items

Umm, Jeffree is really not happy with Andre for taking away things from his without permission. We all know how much Jeffree likes to collect designer bags and accessories.

“There is some designer sh*t stolen from me. And it isn’t about what it is. It’s about the principle. It is just sad.”

So instead of answering Jeffree’s calls and messages, Andre was posting old footage from Jeffree’s house. So that people would think everything is fine between these two. The beauty mogul further added that he just wants his stuff back and this is one of the reasons why he has posted such a long IG story. But he also knows that Andre is never going to return those things.

Long story short, Jeffree is hurt by Andre’s actions. And if he wanted any of Jeffree’s stuff, he should have asked him nicely. Now there are no ties between these two. And Jeffree’s now ex-boyfriend Andre still hasn’t made any official statement about the things he has stolen from J’s house.

Oh and one more thing, Jeffree just deleted all of the IG stories about Andre Marhold which he posted two hours ago.