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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Rebranding itself as Magic Star?

I was just going through my makeup products wishlist and one of them is the ‘ OR*Y Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. So I googled it on my desktop and you won’t believe what I came across next. There was no label of Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the website, but instead, it was labeled as Magic Star. I really got confused for a minute. A lot of fans think Jeffree is rebranding his cosmetics line. While some of them think he is pulling a Kat Von D. The beauty mogul laughed about Kat Von D relabelling its brand and putting their products on discount. And now he might be jumping on the same boat. Some fans even think that Jeffree is taking notes from Huda Beauty.

But is that the truth?

Jeffree Star focusing more on his makeup empire after messy drama

Jeffree Star went through a messy drama when he started seeing Andre Marhold. The two ended things but it got complicated as Jeffree accused Andre of stealing from him. Moreover, there were some fake accounts threatening to release false information about Jeffree Star. At the same time, Star was being accused of se*ual assault by multiple accusers.

Star’s attorney denied all allegations of harassment and se*ual assault.

Fans are realizing that there JS Cosmetics is not solely owned by Jeffree Star

Furthermore, there is a discussion going on Reddit that Jeffree’s brand has more than two owners. Upon researching, it was discovered that Jeffree Star Cosmetics indeed has two owners. The one is Jeffree Star, the other is Jeff Cohen.

Jeff Cohen law Js cosmetics

Jeff Cohen, the second owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, also owns Killer Merch, Outerloop Management, and many more. Some unknown sources claim that Jeff is also J-Star’s legal advisor.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Wikipedia

It was not a rebrand of JS Cosmetics

So even if it seemed like a rebrand, it was just a promotion for Jeffree’s new products called Magic Star Products. Fans were also concerned about Jeffree changing the brand logo. Usually, brands or retailers don’t change their brand logo to promote a new product launch. Hence, Jeffree Star Cosmetics didn’t do that either.

The beauty mogul has been working on the Magic Star products for the past two years. He first launched Magic Star concealers and setting powder last year in April. But it didn’t have many shades.

This is the picture of Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Magic Star’ new shade extension card for concealers and color correctors. And so far Magic Star product line only has concealers, and two types of setting powders.

So it seems like Jeffree changed the top logo to ‘Magic Star’ to promote the new shades of Magic Star concealers and color correctors. Or he could be launching a Magic Star foundation.

Recently, the website’s header has changed to ‘Velvet&Trap’.

jeffree star cosmetics website screenshot
JS Cosmetics

When you click on it, it shows you ‘Magic Star products’.

magic star products

So, JS Cosmetics isn’t rebranding after all.

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