Jeffree Star Cosmetics launches ‘Black Metal Rolling Tray Set’!

It makes a lot of sense for celebrities to invest their hard-earned dollars in other business ventures because – let’s face it – nobody has found the Fountain of Youth yet. A time does come when one wants to get out of their comfort zone and do something more. And in the case of Jeffree Star, just doing makeup tutorials and creating music wasn’t enough for him. So he started his very own cosmetics line by the name of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. And then slowly added a section of limited edition accessories and fashion.

Jeffree Star is not the only A-listers in town who is having a side-gig in the shape of sprawling business. But among many others are Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez.

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Let’s discuss the “Black Metal Rolling Tray Set” in detail!

Let’s jump back to back to Jeffree Star now. And one of the latest products which just launched on his website is a Black Metal Rolling Tray Set. The idea took flight when he posted a picture of a pink metallic grinder that he had made for his then-boyfriend. His fans made sure to let the singer and makeup artist know that maybe, by chance, he might have stumbled upon a great business venture.

“Oh my god, I love it so much. You should make a whole line. You could do lighters, papers, filters, rolling trays, and grinders,” one fan shared with Star”.

Another fan tweeted:

“Yes!!! Please!!!! Jeffree Star smoking products. Sign me up,”

What was the result? Smelling the possibility of a great business venture, Star acknowledged the idea’s potential and tweeted:

“We love a smoking queen. This Saturday is gonna be lit…”

Based on the high demand from his fans and the fact that the makeup artist and weed enthusiast was able to generate interest in the pink grinder, Jeffree Star has finally given us something more interesting.

The news was shared on his Instagram page on popular demand from the fans. Star delivered a Black Metal Rolling Tray Set which is a must-have for all weed smokers.

Jeffree Star Rolling Tray Set Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The product comes in a premium matte black aluminum finish. The complete set includes an ashtray, a 63mm grinder, a to-go container, and a sleek rolling tray with the Star trademark. The aluminum tray features a non-stick surface, which is ideal for rolling, as the task becomes quick and easy. Custom-sized indents are present on the tray that hold the grinder and ashtray, thus reducing any unwanted movement.

The tray’s dimension is 11” x 7 ¼”. The product is not only durable but also sleek and beautiful to look at while making the task of rolling easy and enjoyable. Because of the size and weight, buyers can also transport the product easily – and enjoy a nicely rolled blunt, anywhere and anytime.  

Fans of Jeffree Star Cosmetics can start ordering this fantastic product from the website. But let me just give you a heads up, this beautiful Black Metal Rolling Tray Set is a little expensive and costs around $85.

Jeffree Star Rolling Tray Price Jeffree Star Cosmetics

That’s it for today guys. Let us know in the comments down below if you like this sleek Black Metal Rolling Tray Set or not?

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