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Jeffree Star Cosmetics coming up with limited Halloween mystery boxes tomorrow!

Last year the internet went into a frenzy when Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched  Halloween Mystery Boxes. Some of the fans were really happy for getting their hands on the limited edition Halloween Mystery Boxes. And some of them were extremely disappointed as the highlighters in the mystery boxes were totally smashed. And they even had some black spots inside them which a lot of fans thought were mold.

Jeffree being the generous CEO took to his twitter and announced that he will be sending new highlighters to everyone who received the smashed highlighters. He further clarified that the black spots in the highlighters are for the Halloween aesthetic purpose.

Now here is a fishy thing. Jeffree admitted in a tweet that a few hundred highlighters came out broken. So if a lot of fans were upset and confused on why Jeffree and his team put the broken pieces into the mystery boxes. Anyways, now once again Jeffree Star Cosmetics has come up with the much-awaited Halloween Mystery Boxes. And they are launching tomorrow on the official website.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Coming Out With New Mystery Boxes

So finally there is good news for all the Jeffree Star Cosmetics fans out there who want to grab a hold of this brand but are too afraid to spend a lot of money. Finally, we all have a golden chance to get our hands on the new limited edition Halloween Mystery boxes. As they are surprisingly affordable.

“Halloween is almost here and to celebrate we have THREE spooky mystery boxes launching THIS FRIDAY! Pick your poison and see what you get.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I am super excited about these limited Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Boxes. Mainly because they are half the price of last year’s mystery boxes. And also because you get to create a super scary makeup look out of it.

Jeffree Star Mystery Halloween Boxes Are Surprisingly Affordable

Well, that’s the news we all want to hear. Jeffree Star Cosmetics has come up with three spooky mystery boxes that are surprisingly affordable than last year’s mystery boxes.

Mini Spooky Box

The price of the mini spooky box is $25 and contains 3 items that are worth $52.

Mystery Box

Premium Spooky Box

The price of the premium spooky box is $60 and it contains five items that are worth $120.

Deluxe Spooky Box

The price of the deluxe spooky box is $100 and it contains eight items that are worth $222. Sadly, only this box contains a surprise clothing item. This is the reason why you will be seeing the size details pop up when you order this deluxe one.

Last but not the least, there is no return or exchange policy on these limited edition Halloween mystery boxes. And afterpay is also available on the premium and deluxe spooky boxes.

Though I would suggest you follow the instructions which are given on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics official website. Oh and let’s just hope that these mystery boxes contain something from the OR*Y edition. (hehe)

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