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Jeffree Star claims NBA players gave death threats if he made their relationship public

One of the famous beauty moguls Jeffree Star revealed that NBA players gave him death threats if he made the details about his relationship public.

Jeffree Star has been through so much over the years because of all the dramas. From being involved in celebrity dramas to going through an accident, Jeffree has seen a lot over the years. He has also helped the LGBTQ community very much. However, he has also decided to take a break from the beauty community. A few weeks ago, Jeffree announced that he is distancing himself from the beauty community. Jeffree Star has 16.4 million subscribers on YouTube, because of his makeup content.

Jeffree Star says NBA Players gave him death threats

Jeffree Star claims NBA players gave death threats if he made their relationship public

The beauty mogul opened up about the threats he got from NBA players. Star said:

A lot of NBA players and rappers, yes, but I have a code where I’m never going to out them. A lot of them have threatened to murder me if I ever say their names. The sex is great. The names are invisible.

Jeffree Star was invited to the ‘BFFS with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards‘ podcast, where the hosts asked the star how did the NBA players reach him. To which Star replied:

They DM me. If you had the password to my phone, you’d sh*t yourself

Portnoy also asked the star what would happen to the players if you out them because they might not realize they are putting themselves under a lot of trouble. Jeffree answered Dave’s question and said:

I never outed anyone and they know I’m trustworthy

The YouTuber talked about other things as well. Star discussed being canceled in 2020 as well. There was a rumor going on as well that Jeffree is having an affair with Kanye Star. Jeffree joked about the rumor as well. Star said that he ‘played into it” because it was so ridiculous and joked “he’s too short for me, I’m not into that.’ Star also revealed that Shane Dawson is working on some new projects and will be back on YouTube soon.