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Jeffree Star calls his Apple Music and Spotify hacker “Dumb B*tch”

We think Jeffree Star is the new victim of the Music Apps hack. And no, this thing is not happening for the first time. Back in 2017, Jeffree’s Sephora account information was leaked by one of the Sephora workers. Though it was not hacking, but it is surely an invasion of privacy. A lot of fans are finding this tweet of Jeffree very weird because they think why would someone hack anyone’s Spotify or Apple Music account. It just doesn’t make any sense. Because people usually try to hack Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat accounts of Celebrities.

Jeffree Star is not happy with the recent hacking incident

A couple of hours ago Jeffree posted a Tweet in which he shared that his Apple Music and Spotify account just got hacked. And he shared extreme unhappiness in his tweet by saying:

“Whoever hacked my Spotify & Apple Music and added this fake music under my name, you’re a dumb b*tch.”

Umm, you all must be thinking why Jeffree is sounding very in-furious in his tweet. Maybe because the hacker, who hacked Jeffree’s Music accounts posted a whole album of explicit songs on Jeffree’s Spotify. A piece of friendly advice to all the people who tried to hear these explicit songs which are posted by the hacker instead of Jeffree. Please, don’t hear them. Because I tried listening to a few of them and my ears are about to explode now.

Oh, and the fun part is that five of the most explicit songs with very vulgar names are still a part of the “E” genre on Jeffree’s Spotify recently added songs. And an error pops up if you try to listen to them.

But there is one thing that I and the thousands of Jeffree Star fans must be wondering right now. It’s been almost 24 hours since Jeffree’s Apple Music and Spotify accounts got hacked. But Jeffree so far has not shared any news about getting these accounts back.

On the other hand, one of the fans commented under Jeffree’s tweet and shared this happy news with him that his music accounts are not at all hacked.

Here you go, we finally solved a mystery. Let us know if your Spotify or Apple Music accounts ever got hacked? And let’s just wait for Jeffree’s update on this matter. Peace Out!!

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