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Jeffree Star broke his back during a car accident

So a couple of hours ago I saw Jeffree Star’s Snapchat story in which he revealed that a new video would be going up on his YouTube channel later today. And then something unfortunate happened. We really don’t know if it was Jeffree, who first shared the car accident news on social media, or someone from his social media management team. But fans are really shattered to hear about this horrific car accident news. As they were waiting anxiously for Jeffree’s upcoming YouTube video in which he was going to share a lot of things about his friendship with Daniel Lucas.

Everything you need to know about Jeffree Star’s car accident

As I have mentioned earlier that Jeffree was going to post a video today on his YouTube channel with his very good friend Daniel Lucas. Jeffree shared this news on his social media early in the morning. And then a couple of hours later someone from his team shared this news on social media that Jeffree and his friend Daniel had a horrific car accident. According to the social media news tabloids, Jeffree was driving his pink Rolls Royce and his friend Daniel was sitting on the passenger seat. We really don’t know at what speed Jeffree was driving his car, but somehow his car hit the black ice and flipped over 3 times.

Then a couple of hours later, Jeffree shared his feeling in two back-to-back tweets that he is grateful to be alive. He further added that he is in deep pain because of a broken back and multiple vertebrae fractures on his spine.

Jeffree’s best friend Daniel Lucas also suffered from some serious internal injuries and is under 24/7 surveillance. We wish both Jeffree and Daniel a very speedy and healthy recovery. And for all those people who are asking about the legitimacy of this car accident on social media should know that the accident was confirmed by the Wyoming Highway Patrol from TMZ.

So let’s just keep our fingers crossed and wait for more updates from Jeffree and his social media management team.

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