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Jeffree Star’s boyfriend Andre Marhold’s Baby Mommy Responds To their Relationship

So we all thought things are finally settling down for Jeffree Star and his new boyfriend ‘Andre Marhold’. But we were clearly wrong. Social media went into a frenzy when Jeffree Star shared a sultry picture with a man whose arms were full of tattoos. Fans figured out that this tattoo armed guy is none other than basketball player ‘Andre Marhold’. Then one of Andre’s ex-girlfriend ‘Lo/Lauren’ indirectly tweeted about Jeffree’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend and she was not really happy about it. Now after a week of silence, we have another side of the story. And that side is Andre Marhold’s girlfriend ‘Emmanuella’ who talked about her relationship with him in an exclusive interview with ‘N’Style Atlanta‘.

Jeffree Star’s recent tweets about his relationship with Andre Marhold

Jeffree flew out to Wyoming with his team and new boyfriend Andre Marhold to celebrate the launch of ‘Or*y’ collection. Moreover, Jeffree shared a lot of stories from the trip on social media. And he also referred to a few accusations regarding his and Andre’s relationship. A lot of people were confused about why Andre is dating someone of the same gender. They even accused Andre of being with Jeffree just for the sake of money and clout.

I don't date married men

Jeffree cleared a lot of accusations by stating the fact that anyone can be attracted to both men and women. He further added that Andre is not married.

We all know happiness cannot be bought with money. But we don’t really why Jeffree has to pull the ‘Lawyer’ guns every time when he is caught up in some deep mess.

Some Lawyer action

Jeffree was also seen having an indirect twitter spat with one of Andre’s ex-girlfriends named Lauren/Lo. Who was not really happy with Andre’s decision of leaving her for Jeffree Star.

Andre Marhold’ son’s mother shares her side of the story

Now we all know Jeffree has been really active on his social media and giving us glimpses of his relationship with Andre. But Andre has not made any official statement.

Then an ex-girlfriend of Andre started a Twitter spat with Jeffree. And no, that ex-girlfriend is not the mother of Andre’s son.

In fact, a french model ‘Emma Leezy Chartol’ who goes by the name ‘Leezy’ shared her side of the story in an exclusive interview with ‘N’Style Atlanta’. Leezy shares a son with Andre Marhold.

Jeffree Star Andre Marhold

When asked about Andre, Leezy told N’style Atlanta:

“Two weeks before he moved to L.A. I didn’t know what he was doing. He told me he is going there for work. I didn’t talk to him since this happened.”

Just like millions of fans out there, Leezy also got to know about Jeffree’s mystery man ‘Andre’ through this picture.

“We stopped talking to each other for no reason. And so I was on my phone and I saw this picture and that hand was familiar. I knew it was him so everything made sense”.

Leezy further added that she was really shocked about the whole thing. So she sent her business partner ‘Nikkie’ the picture where only Andre’s tattoos are visible. And she recognized him through these tattoos.

I cannot even imagine what Leezy is going through right now. She seems scared out of her mind. Because her son is exposed to the whole world. She is scared for his security.

Leezy also brought the girl ‘Lauren’ from twitter in her conversation and said people think that she is her. She says that she doesn’t know anything about this girl from twitter claiming to be Andre’s ex-girlfriend. Leezy says that the girl has never been with Andre.

I am out of words at the moment. So Andre has been with Leezy for the past two years. And they have a beautiful son together. He lies to her one day and catches a flight to L.A to spend time with Jeffree. Meanwhile, Leezy is truly kept in the dark.

So far Jeffree and Andre have not made any statements about this whole situation. Let us know what you think about Andre’s abrupt decision and keeping Leezy in the dark.

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