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Jeffree Star admits to Assault on a Mother – Went to Jail Thrice?!

2020 has been a rough year. To top off the disasters in the world, the YouTube community is in a mess as the internet is asking for accountability. Several videos and old content is making followers and fans turn their back on these stars as they ask for justifications. The recent Shane Dawson drama has the internet in concern. They want him to man up and justify the Willow Smith video. Meanwhile, some others have found an old video of Jeffree Star where he says he went to jail three whole times! Well, to be honest, the news about our ‘influencers’ does not really surprise us anymore. It seems that this is what it has become now. However, here’s the story.

Jeffree Star went to Jail Three times.

We all know that Star has had his fair share of drama and controversies. However, this one is from when Jeffree was a music star. Supposedly, during an interview, a note said ‘you hit my mom with your purse in an or*y concert ‘. To this, Jeffree Star responds going on about how he went to jail for it and two other times. One of his statements was,

Just because I’m skinny doesn’t mean I’m not f*cking crazy!

He also adds,

I’ve been to jail three times for assualt. This, everyone knows.

While Star himself hasn’t commented on this resurfaced interview, some fans claim that it was one where he was giving funny answers to everything. Most fans have turned to justify his actions by saying that ‘the video is not relevant to what is going on these days’. Well, relevant or not, we’d say Jeffree Star and his visits to jail are quite the news break. Even if he only meant the answers as a joke, why would the star want to brag about being in prison and hurting a fan’s mother? Fans think this is just downright unfair.

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