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Jeff Wittek subtly deleted his video with Durte Dom?

Jeff Wittek subtly deleted his video with Durte Dom?

The thing about having a squad no one tell you, if things go South your past record is going to bite you in the a**. Apparently, that’s pretty common in the YouTube community. And it is also something that never gets old. Recently, David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad are under fire after r*pe allegations against an ex-member Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis) surfaced. While David Dobrik still has his vlogs featuring Durte Dom on YouTube, Jeff Wittek has apparently deleted the main vlog featuring him.

Inside The Mind Of Durte Dom | deleted by Jeff Wittek

Trisha Paytas, Jason Nash’s ex-girlfriend who was featured in a lot of vlogs back then, confirmed to Insider that it was Jeff Wittek who went out to get liquor for the girls. However, by the time he came back, Trisha had already left with her then-boyfriend Jason Nash. Jeff, in response, denied the allegations. He also confirmed that he had the impression that things happening inside that room were consensual.

Jeff Wittek

Now, many people on the internet started realizing that Jeff Wittek has deleted (or marked private) his Barbershop vlog featuring Durte Dom. The video was titled Inside The Mind of Durte Dom. It was recorded before the incident and posted on YouTube on October 31, 2018. However, it’s gone now. And I am a witness myself since I saw that video on his channel a couple of days back. Now, the same vlog has been re-uploaded by a YouTube account titled Trishageddon.

Durte Dom Jeff

Some believe that the deleted vlog has homophobic, sexist, and racist comments.

Durte Dom has also deleted a video

The thing about Jeff Wittek “deleting” his vlog is still controversial since Social Blade is not showing negative views yet. This means that most possibly, he has marked the video as private.

Social Blade

On the contrary, seems like Durte Dom has deleted videos from his channel since his scores are showing negative views.

Durte Dom Social Blade
Social Blade

It is still unclear which of his videos have been deleted by Durte Dom. While we figure that out, do you think this is the end of the very famous Vlog squad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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