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JC Caylen pays tribute to Corey La Barrie

JC Caylen pays tribute to Corey La Barrie

The world lost their favorite YouTube star Corey La Barrie, on his 25th birthday. In a drunk driving accident, Corey could not survive while it is reported that the car was being driven by In Masters star Daniel Silva. He was allegedly driving the car at a very high speed when he lost control, and collided with a tree and a stop sign. He has been arrested, following the reports. However, the world is still mourning the loss. One of Corey’s closest friends, JC Caylen (from Kian & JC), who was silent since Corey’s death, has finally opened up about the biggest loss of his life.


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Jc and I thought it would be a good idea to wear track suits for our white elephant Christmas party! Also idk what I’m looking at but I filmed it and it’s on my YouTube channel now! 🔥🔥

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JC Caylen’s tribute to Corey La Barrie

The fans knew how much JC and Corey’s closest friends were hurting after his death, that’s why they kept JC Caylen in their thoughts and prayers. When JC recovered enough to talk about it, he tweeted his feelings:

In his latest YouTube video titled I love you, Corey La Barrie, JC Caylen talks about his friend. He opens about how he was struggling to press the record button without falling apart.

He was so raw and real, he didn’t really care about what people thought about him. He said what was on his mind, and that’s just it.

JC Caylen talked about his first meeting with Corey La Barrie 9 years ago. They have been close friends since then, more like a family. Corey was always trying to make people laugh, make them happy. He was always good to everyone. While talking about his 25th Birthday twitch stream, JC shared:

He was so excited for that day. He set up a stream and he wanted to stream for his birthday.

JC & Corey danced for his birthday stream intro. They rehearsed for the dance 50 minutes before the stream started.

About the drive

While talking about the drive before the accident happened, JC Caylen says he was happy for Corey La Barrie who was out with his friends, celebrating his life on his 25th Birthday. JC shared Daniel Silva said being there was a curse. Initially, JC also wished he was not there. But as the days go by, JC is now happy that he was there for Corey.

I hope you felt my presence man. There is a reason we were all there. And God knows that we’re strong enough to go through that. And come out stronger.

Corey La Barrie; U R Appreciated

Referring to Corey’s Twitter bio that reads “under appreciated”, JC Caylen shared a tribute for Corey on his Twitter:

There is GoFundMe fundraiser arranged by Corey’s cousin Ashley La Barrie. Please follow the link for donations.