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Jason Nash Throws Major Shade At Trisha Paytas?

Jason Nash almost took a year to throw shade at Trisha Paytas after their viral breakup news. The two could not keep their hands off each other when they were dating. They constantly argued as well, and apparently fans already predicted that they would not last long. Well, they really broke up after the whole Trisha-David feud. Trisha Paytas took ages to get over Jason Nash. But she has finally moved on. Even though she still does not waste a minute to discuss him whenever possible. On the other hand, Jason Nash is finally opening up too. And this time, he threw major shade at Trisha Paytas.

Jason Nash gets breast implants

Apparently, in order to throw shade at Trisha Paytas, Jason Nash got breast implants. They look so real, you will have to blink a million times and you will not be able to figure out if the implants are real or fake.

Even Noah Schnapp got impressed by Jason’s new look.

Jason Nash

And fans even started comparing his looks with Trisha Paytas.

Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas Implants

Jason or Trisha

However, the majority of the fans wanted to know how Jason pulled this off. This was not just a game of makeup or props. Whoever did it to Jason, has got some real talent.

Shading Trisha Paytas?

Many fans believe this is Jason Nash throwing shade at Trisha Paytas, due to her breast implants. In David Dobrik’s latest Vlog, he shared Jason’s new look with his fans, saying:

So, Jason has always wanted to see what B***s feel like. So, we got a makeup artist, and he literally gave Jason a pair of T***.

That’s allegedly the first shade at Trisha Paytas, telling people that Jason wanted to feel what real breasts feel like. Then, the first shade is immediately followed by the second one: a makeup artist did a better job than Trisha’s doctor?

However, they were not done there. David Dobrik and Jason Nash surprised the Squad members with the implants. And they got curious to see if the fake implants had n*****s too. When Jason showed them off-the-camera, the gang got really excited to see it. That’s the third shade on Trisha Paytas. If you follow her, you know she had some serious issues with her breast implants. And she is currently planning to have another surgery, this time from a good doctor so that she can rectify what went wrong in the previous surgery.

Shade or no shade?

Well, these might not really be true shades but they definitely felt like Jason Nash did it on purpose. On the other hand, he admitted he ran out of ideas for Vlog content so he decided to go for the fake breasts that look real AF.

Jason Nash Explains

What do you guys think? Was it really about Trisha Paytas? Let us know in the comments below.

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