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Jason Nash’s text to Trisha Paytas led to public fight with rumored girlfriend Rachel Velasco?

By now, almost everyone is aware of what’s happening with David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad. While some fans are still trying to analyze David Dobrik’s second apology video, the Vlog Squad members are going public with their stance on the Durte Dom s*xual assault case. One person who is the closest associate of David and still being silent, is Jason Nash. Jason, Trisha Paytas’s ex-boyfriend, has not shared any public apology or his statement so far. However, he has tried to contact Trisha, and Trisha went public with it. Meanwhile, he was seen having a heated argument with his rumored girlfriend Rachel Velasco. What’s that all about?

Paparazzi catches Jason Nash having an argument with Rachel Velasco

The Hollywood Fix, a famous Paparazzi known for catching celebrities always at the “right” time, has recently shared a video. However, the uploaded video credits and imagery credits go to BACKGRID. (video is uploaded under license/with permission by The Hollywood Fix. It was not recorded by them). The video focuses on Jason Nash and his Tesla, and a surprise guest. Rachel Velasco, the rumored girlfriend, can be seen arguing over something with Jason. No one knows what exactly was the topic of discussion. However, many speculations are that Rachel probably did not like Jason contacting his ex-girlfriend Trisha Paytas.

Rachel Velasco is reported to be 23-years old. She is an O-lyFans content creator. On the other hand, Jason Nash is turning 48 this May. The dating rumors are still rumors as both of them have not made it official. Meanwhile, many people are finding it suspicious that Jason Nash was out in the public with the girl amidst David Dobrik’s drama.

Some are also speculating that the ending of the video seems staged. After speaking her mind, Rachel gets out of the car then gets back in. Jason drives to another spot and leaves her on the curbside. She is later seen sitting on the curbside with her face hidden. And apparently, she was crying?

First official fight during the first drive?

Jason Nash and Rachel Velasco were not witnessed together before. Or shall we say, it is safe to assume that they were never caught on camera while out in the public? Since Rachel is an OnlyFans content creator, collaboration does not seem like a possible cause of their meeting as well. So, why would they meet without masks while the world is going through a pandemic?

The timing of Jason Nash’s text to Trisha Paytas, and then being witnessed out in the public with a young girl, does seem suspicious. The text message to Trisha had a heart emoji. And Trisha Paytas received those messages after he tried calling her and she didn’t attend because she thought his phone might be hacked. Trisha talked about it during Frenemies emergency livestream while reacting to David Dobrik’s second apology.

Jason Nash

Staged or not?

Before showing the text message, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein were discussing something that seems to connect the dots a bit. Ethan told Trisha:

There was a girl on Twitter[Ava Louise-22] that said that Jason sent her an unsolicited eggplant[p*nis] photo.

Trisha Paytas told Ethan that many girls have come forward with the same statement. And she didn’t know how to handle it.

What am I gonna say like don’t send 20-year-olds your eggplant. By the way, no one wants to see your eggplant.

His eggplant is like wrinkly. Why does he think that as a 40-year-old man, a 20-year-old would want to see it. They don’t.

Rachel Velasco is 23-years-old. And she has some Instagram photos that are aging well.

Rachel Velasco

Jason Nash has a Tesla. And that post is dated May 5, 2020. Fast forward to two days back, Rachel used SUGAR DADDY in her caption again:

Jason Nash Trisha

It’s not a Tesla this time. It’s a Porsche. And shall we assume Jason Nash surprised her with a Porsche? If Jason Nash is the same Sugar Daddy Rachel was talking about in her year-old Instagram post, then it means they have been dating for more than a year. That also means she was 22 at that time. That also sheds light on the question that why Jason Nash decided that it’s the right time to appear in the public with her when the paparazzi are following Vlog Squad these days. Staged or not, he made an appearance with Rachel Velasco.

Jason Nash deletes a video from his YouTube channel

Since Vlog Squad is deleting old videos these days, Jason Nash has also deleted a video from his YouTube channel. At this point, it is unclear that which one of his old videos is gone now.

Deleted Video
Social Blade

Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein might be discussing it all in their next Frenemies podcast. What are your views on this whole scenario? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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