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Jason Nash returns to social media after Trisha Paytas/Rachel Velasco scandal

Jason Nash, famous YouTuber, comedian and actor, has been a part of Vlog Squad from many years. In fact, he is one of the closest friends of David Dobrik. Recently, Vlog Squad was facing a lot of criticism when Insider published an article covering s*xual assault allegations against Dominykas Zeglaitis (Durte Dom). Some of the squad members have come forward with their apology, and holding themselves accountable for not paying attention to the red flags. Jason, however, was not one of those who came forward with am apology statement or a video. And he has returned to the social media now.

Staying silent even after Seth Francois, Durte Dom, Rachel Velasco and Trisha Paytas went viral on internet

Even though David Dobrik has issued two apology videos, Jason Nash is still staying silent on that matter. He has not addressed or issued an apology to Seth Francois, who accused him of s*xual assault. A few days later, Durte Dom article came out and Jason still stayed silent. He was then seen with Rachel Velasco by Paparazzi and that video went viral.

Jason Nash has not dated anyone officially after breaking up with Trisha Paytas. He did not address the break up back then as well. Now, after being seen with Rachel Velasco, Jason Nash did not address the dating rumors. As per Rachel, even though they are “just friends”, Jason did not contact her to check how she was doing after being seen by Paparazzi and blowing up the internet.

Rachel ended up contacting Trisha Paytas [allegedly Trisha contacted Rachel first]. She also sent Jason Nash’s text screenshots with Trisha, and Trisha shared it on the internet for everyone to see. Trisha Paytas also told Frenemies viewers that Rachel told her about Jason’s marriage plans when she’d turn 26. [Rachel Velasco is 23 and Jason Nash is 47].

While the internet was bashing Jason for “using” Rachel Velasco, he stayed silent. When they started questioning his breakup with Trisha Paytas, he still stayed silent. As a matter of fact, it seems that people will never get a statement from him.

Jason Nash returns to social media

Jason Nash has not posted anything on his YouTube channel recently. However, he has returned to Instagram and posted 2 Instagram stories. The first of these was an ice-breaker where Jason posted a clip talking about the squirrels making noise on his roof.

Jason Nash insta
Jason Nash/Instagram Stories

The next Instagram story was a sponsored Ad for online sportsbook, My Bookie. In short, it is Sports Betting and Jason Nash was promoting the brand and his special offer code.

While he has made his return to the social media, Jason Nash is still staying silent on the issues at hand. Fans are expecting him to address everything mentioned above. Will he do it? Only time will tell.

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