Jason Nash Pulls A Girlfriend Prank Amidst Trisha Paytas Wedding Chaos

Trisha Paytas is staying all hush-hush on her so-called wedding. And we have got no further details except her wedding pictures and post-wedding celebrations with her mother and sister. Like seriously, there is no sign of the guy. People have even started saying that Trisha Paytas married one of her multiple personalities. Fans and followers, as well as haters-but-still-followers, are coming up with random and crazy theories. Trisha Paytas’ wedding details are expected to be out within a day. (probably with a new music video…and chances are it was all for a music video). However, amidst all of this drama, Jason Nash finally pulled a girlfriend prank on David Dobrik. That is why we have a question, was it coincidental?

Jason Nash Pulls Girlfriend Prank on David Dobrik

While people are still trying to solve the Trisha Paytas wedding mystery, Jason Nash finally shows a reaction in a new video. Maybe it is all coincidental, however; he has got perfect timings to pull the girlfriend prank on David Dobrik. Apparently, David was out of his house and Jason Nash planned a prank. He left a flower trail from the entrance of the house to Dabid Dobrik’s bedroom and locked it from inside. After David got home, he was surprised to see his room locked. Both of them talked through the locked doors for a while and then Jason Nash opens up the door while he is still dressed in a bathrobe.

In fact, he tells David that there is a girl in the bathroom taking a shower. We can see the surprised expression on his face. While he is still wondering who the girl is, it turns out to be Andrea. (Andrea was in the last David Dobrik’s vlog when Jason Nash tried stealing mints from a bar and Andrea, a random lady at that time, pushed him down and sat on his face).

Shading Trisha Paytas Wedding?

Well, we all know that David Dobrik, Jason Nash and the Vlog Squad are always pulling pranks on each other. So, this might just be a random scripted Vlog without any thoughts given to Trisha Paytas’ wedding. However, the timings are so on point. While we do not know who Trisha Paytas’ husband is, we see Jason Nash making adult jokes more openly in the vlogs now. Moreover, the latest girlfriend prank also shows he is over Trisha. Both of them might not have been a perfect couple when they were together. However; Trisha Paytas still has her vacation video with Jason Nash as a “pinned video” on her second YouTube channel.

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