Jason Nash Partying With David Dobrik, Ignoring Trisha Paytas’ Depressing Videos

As we all know, Trisha Paytas has finally opened up about her break up with Jason Nash. She repents what went wrong between them and somehow, somewhere, believes it was David Dobrik’s fault as well. She has uploaded and deleted some depressing videos after the official break up announcement. Trisha Paytas cannot get over Jason Nash, that is pretty clear. Her videos are sounding like SOS Calls to Nash, who is actually busy partying with David Dobrik in Chicago. Seems like both of them have better things to do.

Trisha Paytas Is Unable To Get Over Jason Nash

Trisha Paytas has been going to therapies to recover from her mental breakdowns and depression phases. She keeps uploading and deleting depressing videos on her YouTube channel. As claimed by Paytas, she cannot get over him (Nash), however, she is trying her level best. She is sleeping better now, works out in the morning and then organizes her day as per her commitments and appointments.

I just think about him and miss him and realize it’s over. And it almost becomes crippling.

Paytas says Nash was the first person she spent so much time with. It was all so special for her because he made efforts to be there for her all the time. she confessed she has suffered from substance abuse and alcohol abuse after the breakup. She is afraid of jumping into another relationship so she wants to stay single and independent for some time.

P.S: The comments section and The likes/dislikes sections are still disabled on her latest YouTube videos. 

Jason Nash Released A Free Game Called Carpool Dad

Jason Nash has released a mobile game called Carpool Dad. The game is available for everyone and apart from the In-app purchases, it is basically free.

It is taking over, well not really the world, but it is doing something I’m pretty sure. We have 26k downloads on our first day.

Nash says this game is a thank you to his followers. the game has a share button so if you share the game on twitter along with your high score that would be really helpful for Nash. If, by using some sorcery, you do score high then Jason Nash will give a shout out to you. Probably Trisha Paytas should download that game and share her best score as well. Because her videos are not being responded at all.

Jason Nash Got Hired And Fired Within 10 Minutes

During his visit to Chicago for Alex’s Graduation, Nash auditioned for a job at a hot dog stand called The Wieners Circle. Interestingly, Nash had to stay mean to the customers which was a problem for him during the initial 2-3 minutes of his 10 minutes probation. On Contrary, he stayed mean to his colleagues and the manager of the food spot, however, could not stay mean to his customers so he was fired. Last words of the manager to Nash:

Don’t come back.

Jason Nash Breaks Down At Son’s College Graduation | Role-Play Without Trisha Paytas

Drum Rolls. Alex, David Dobrik’s BFF, is finally graduated and Jason Nash attended his graduation convocation along with Dobrik. The graduation was a very important event in Alex’s life since he took 5 years to complete it. Nash played out as Alex’s dad on Dobrik’s request during the ceremony. Shouting at the top of his lungs, clapping constantly, doing weird moves with his shirt, he kept his friends and others entertained the whole time.

Alex you were a loser up until this point but you did it.

David Dobrik Pays Off His BFF’s College Tuition

For Alex’s graduation, David Dobrik gifted him a MacBook. Since his laptop was already broken, that ended up being a perfect gift for him.  However, Dobrik’s generosity and love did not end there. Dobrik also presented him a cheque of $25,000 for his remaining tuition fee. Alex, all surprised and overwhelmed with tears running down his face, could not have wished for a better graduation gift.

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