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Jason Nash Desperate To Find GF After Trisha Paytas Wedding?

Well, looks like the wait is finally over. We can stop wondering why Jason Nash is still single, and now start wondering who is going to be his next GF. As soon as Trisha Paytas got married, many people have been praying to get an update from Jason on his love life. In fact, both David Dobrik and Jason Nash have been enjoying their “single” life after their breakups. While David was still trying to get over his feelings for Liza Koshy, Jason was spending time with his mother, kids and his closest pals: the Vlog Squad members. Probably, that is the reason why Jeff Wittek took it upon himself to help Jason Nash out in his love life after Trisha Paytas’s wedding with the Brad Pitt cut-out. Does he know about the latest brawl between Trisha Paytas & Gabbie Hanna? (Just wondering).

Was Jeff Wittek’s Move Trigerred By Trisha Paytas’ Wedding?

Throughout 2019, Trisha Paytas has been posting her signature kitchen-floor videos about Jason Nash, David Dobrik, Jeff Wittek, and the Vlog Squad. Her videos were pretty depressing TBH. In fact, she even opened up about her opioid addiction as well as the psychiatric hospital experience. However, Trisha proved she can move on with her life and get over her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash, by focusing on herself (more than the past). She has a podcast, she just completed her Heartbreak Tour, and she even got married to her dream-man Brad Pitt’s cutout. Probably that is what triggered Jeff Wittek. He finally came up with an idea to deal with Jason Nash’s love life by taking the issue to the public. When Trisha can go public with her love life, why can’t Jason Nash? After all, he has been single from the last 10-11 months.

Jason Nash Starts His Quest For Love

After the divorce with his ex-wife and the outrageous breakup with Trisha Paytas, Jason Nash is up for a new quest for love. We do not know how many blind dates, real dates or hookups he had during the past few months. However, Jason is finally opening up about his love life since his breakup with Trisha Paytas. And Jeff Wittek, the handsome hunk from the Vlog squad, is helping him out in this quest.

Jeff has frozen his podcast for some time, claiming they do not have funds to continue it for now. Meanwhile, he will be sharing a 13-episodes coverage of Jason Nash’s Quest of love. The pilot episode is already out on his YouTube channel. And yeah, we can see how Jeff Wittek is helping Jason Nash get them girls. In fact, they do not just workout together to get Jason back in the shape, they are also buying expensive clothes to create an impression on the ladies. If you are living nearby and your age is above 30, below 80 then get ready. You might become his next girlfriend.

Jason Nash & Jeff Wittek Are Not Messing Around This Time

Jeff Wittek has confirmed that they are looking for single ladies who are aged above 30 (hey wait a minute, we thought he was over Trisha Paytas). Initially, Jason will be dating the interested girls and we will see how it goes from there. It will be just like watching a season of The Bachelor, but the Vlog Squad version. Oh and pilot episode confirmed one thing, Jeff Wittek loves slapping Jason Nash and he will probably slap him more in upcoming episodes.

Will Jason Nash succeed in finding his true love? The fans want nothing more than that. However, we do hope it’s a new and unknown lady this time. (*insert cricket sound here*).

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