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Jason Nash made his daughter uncomfortable by having male vlog squad members live in his houseJason Nash made his daughter uncomfortable by having male vlog squad members live in his house

Jason Nash made his daughter uncomfortable by having male vlog squad members live in his house

While the entire vlog squad is facing multiple allegations of misconduct, old problematic clips of them saying and performing controversial acts are resurfacing. In one of the old podcast clips of Jason Nash and David Dobrik, they’re joking about making Jason Nash’s 10-year-old daughter uncomfortable.

Why Jason Nash’s daughter was uncomfortable

Jason Nash tells David Dobrik about how his daughter came to him to talk about how the male vlog squad members living in the house-made her feel. She felt uncomfortable with having so many males around when she was growing up.

Nash recalls the incident:

Daddy, it’s just kind of like – I like your friends but it’s like I’m a girl and like you know it’s just hard living with these boys all the time.

In response, David Dobrik says ‘Oh My God’ and asks her age. To which Nash replies, “She’s 10”.

Dobrik proceeds to say, “Holy F***” and laughs.

Jason Nash continues saying,

“She says that she’s going through girl stuff and I’m like ‘No, you’re not!’

Then they joke about how they all have to live together because some of them cannot afford to pay rent. Majority of the clip shows that they’re joking about the daughter’s concerns and not taking her seriously.

Jason receives backlash for not taking his daughter’s worry seriously

Many people were calling out Jason Nash for not being a good parent for disregarding his daughter’s concerns about having male members around the house.

One user commented saying:

She’s a child, she shouldn’t have had to check her dad on stuff like that. She’s in a house full of grown men talking and doing stuff that’s inappropriate and expressed that she wasn’t that comfortable and his reaction was to invalidate her and broadcast it as a joke.

Another one shared how this was not a suitable environment to raise a child in:

A child should not be living in a house where guys are drinking, partying, and having s*x all the time. How does this man even have custody? I have spent half my life working with children and that is not the kind of environment a child should be raised in.
Many were not happy with Jason Nash making fun of it on a public podcast:
This makes me sad. She approached that conversation with a lot of bravery and maturity. Who makes fun of that on a public podcast?

Some were even comparing the situation to how Jason Nash’s ex-wife was not comfortable with having Trisha Paytas around the kids because was posted explicit content on her Patreon. They point out how the ex-wife should have been more worried about this situation.

Meanwhile, there’s also another disturbing video where Jason Nash is talking about his son’s private parts in Dobrik’s video.

Jason Nash also participated in a prank for one of the vlog squad videos where he kissed Seth Francois without his consent. Francois was blindfolded and thought it was going to be Corinna Kopf. This prank happened two times. Francois said he later realized it was sexual assault. David Dobrik addressed this in his first apology video and said he was sorry to Francois. Though, Francois didn’t accept the apology.

Let’s see if Jason Nash addresses all of the controversies or not.

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