Jason Nash Confronted David Dobrik About Marrying His Mom

Look who decided to upload his reaction to the unusual wedding! Jason Nash finally confronted David Dobrik about marrying his mother Lorraine Nash. Well, since Nash’s stepdad is rich and also happens to be his best friend, shouldn’t he be changing his surname to Dobrik? That’s not us saying it. Jason Nash works fine for all of us. However, the change in name was suggested by one of his friends since the wedding is legal and official now.

The confrontation took place during the skate-boarding-cum-cycling session David Dobrik and Jason Nash had in New York city with their friends. Nash thanked his stepdad Dobrik:

Dad! I really like this bike that you got me. I really appreciate it.

Confrontation Level 101 | Jason Nash Inquires David Dobrik

Right after thanking him for the bike, Jason Nash stopped beating around the bush:

How are the things with my mom? How long do you think this is gonna last? You know people are saying it’s not gonna last.

And………Dobrik changed the topic. Apparently, it’s not just the people second-guessing the motives behind the wedding. *Insert Angel Halo Emoji Here*

Lorraine Nash | The Marriage Story

It was Lorraine Nash who actually explained the whole marriage-with-the-Dobrik story. So basically, David Dobrik called her to wish Mother’s Day. (Smooth move right there boi. Gotta take notes!) Mrs. Nash defined David Dobrik as the devil and the angel.

He makes you think he’s such a little angel.

After inquiring about her plans for the week, he told her that he would call her. But she didn’t hear from him for day and a half and she started thinking he probably forgot about it and whatever he needed from her was not needed anymore.

Just when she thought it’s over, she got a call from Dobrik’s assistant Natalie that she would soon be receiving a package if she’s home. Mrs. Nash thought it might be a belated mother’s day gift. But turned out it was David Dobrik himself with a bouquet of flowers and a proposal.

Lorraine Nash Loves David Dobrik…As A Son

Mrs. Nash really loves David Dobrik as a son. But she was all-in for the adventure. They flew to Vegas and had a layover in Minnesota. They spent 44 hours together in total and as per Lorraine Nash, it was a fun time with the best company. Natalie played the role of a beautiful third-wheel. Mrs. Nash / Mrs. Dobrik defined her experience with David Dobrik as:

He is a fine oiled machine. He makes it look easy, makes it look like fun. But he means business. Like he knows what he’s doing. He might only be 23 years old but he’s got the mind of a 50 years old. Because he really just knows what he’s doing. I know he’s really gonna be, he is something already. And as he gets older he’s just gonna mature. The only thing he doesn’t have on his side is time. He’s young. He would be perfect if he wasn’t 23; since he is 23 so there’s stuff he has not lived long enough to experience. He doesn’t have certain things in experience. But other than that, he’s doing all the things he should be doing.

She really has perfectly summarized David Dobrik.

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