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What we found out from Janet Jackson Hulu Documentary ‘Malfunction’

Recently, the Janet Jackson documentary Malfunction made headlines and got people talking. It focuses on the infamous Nipplegate.

Recently, the Janet Jackson documentary ‘Malfunction’ premiered on FX and Hulu. It is part of the TV program The New York Times Presents. In 2004, Jackson and Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl Halftime show. During their performance, an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction happened which caused a frenzy all over the US. While it destroyed Jackson’s career, Timberlake benefited from the controversy. Since then, people have been divided as to who was at fault. The documentary tries to find out the truth.

Janet Jackson documentary Malfunction

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During the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime show, an incident cost Janet Jackson her career

In 2004, at the height of her career, Janet Jackson performed at the Super Bowl Halftime show. It was broadcast live on CBS Network from Houston, Texas. Along with her, Justin Timberlake made his debut. At one point during their performance, Timberlake stripped a piece of garment which exposed Jackson’s breast. While the moment last for half a second, it became a huge controversy. People bombarded the CBS and MTV offices with complaints. At the same time, many people filed lawsuits against the two networks.

After the show, the two musicians were hunted down by the media to comment. However, they both refused to say anything. In the end, Jante Jackson had to face massive backlash and she was blacklisted from performing at Super Bowl. On the other hand, Timberlake’s career skyrocketed. The New York Times has tried to explore the incident in their new Janet Jackson documentary Malfunction. Since then, the incident has been termed as “Nipplegate” and is still very much fresh in the memory of her fans.

sddefault Janet Jackson documentary Malfunction

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In the new Janet Jackson documentary Malfunction, the producer revisit the Nipplegate

Produced by The New York Times, Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson tries to highlight the truth. In the aftermath of the incident, Jackson had to apologize and face the brunt singlehandedly. In Malfunction, there is also new footage and interviews of people who were present at that time. It also includes interviews of NFL and MTV employees. In the Janet Jackson documentary Malfunction, the producer, Jodie Gomes has tried to develop a build-up towards the Nipplegate incident as well. Almost half of the documentary focuses on Jackson’s career and feels like her biography. In the beginning, Gomes opens it with a bold statement and says:

If the culture wars could have a 9/11, it’s February 1st, 2004.

According to the critics and people who have watched Malfunction, it fails to provide any new insight into the incident. While the documentary walks us through the wardrobe malfunction, it does not answer many crucial questions. Similarly, people think it is a missed opportunity to address the discrimination that Jackson had to face.

The documentary premiered on 19th November and is streaming on FX or Hulu.