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James Charles YouTube return sparks outrage on social media

James Charles YouTube return sparks outrage on social media

James Charles posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he said that most of the allegations are fake and people are not having it.

The YouTube star and makeup guru, James Charles returned to social media after a prolonged break as a result of multiple scandals and controversies. And upon his return, social media is showing outrage and want James to preferably not come back any time soon.

James Charles has made quite a reputation with his beautiful makeup looks and his talent but that does not mean we cannot see the endless controversies he surrounds himself with. James has been involved in a lot of drama in the past few years. There was the Tati Westbrook feud and what not but something that made his fans turn on him was the grooming allegations. At the start of 2021, James was accused of sexting with minors, and he addressed the allegations when he posted an apology video. In the video, he said that he did not know that the people he was talking to were underage and that he will be going on a social media hiatus.

After the video, James Charles disappeared but not for too long. He came back to social media on his birthday and posted a picture of him with his dog on Instagram. People were furious with him and left many hateful comments underneath the influencer’s picture. James then again went back to hiatus after posting the picture, but it did not take him long to return.

James Charles makes a comeback to Social Media

James Charles YouTube return sparks outrage on social media

After being away from social media for a while, James thought it might be best for him to explain his side of the story. He posted a video on his YouTube channel which was titled ‘An Open Conversation’. In the video, he explained that many of the conversations that were posted online were fake, saying:

I’m still a human being that deserves privacy and respect like everybody else. It’s one thing to have a super innocent and casual conversation with somebody on Instagram DMs or a dating app, and then to scroll on your For You Page an hour later and see every single message that was sent

James also added:

I recognize that these types of things can happen when you have a platform. It’s up to me to protect myself and make sure that I am not allowing myself to be so easily accessible to let those people in in the first place.

James Charles

People are not accepting his version of the story

After seeing James’ video, people were outraged. Social media critics are against him coming back and they do not want the celebrity to make any return without being held properly accountable. They’re trying their best to have James Charles canceled and think that he is not one bit sorry for what he did:

James Charles is not the only one to have staged a comeback on social media recently. David Dobrik, CallMeCarson, and other famous streamers also announced their return after a prolonged absence from social media. Furthermore, Shane Dawson is also eyeing his return with various Instagram posts. However, James instead of apologizing went on the offensive and even deleted his last apology video as well. However, that did not evade anyone’s eye and to his critics, it seems like James has no remorse.

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