James Charles Wants to Join Illuminati

In his Brother and Sister Series, James Charles and his brother Ian talk about conspiracies. The YouTuber also reveals his wish of wanting to join Illuminati.

James Charles, the famous beauty vlogger and YouTuber, never fails to surprise us. His make-up journey led him to create his new Morphe palette which sold out completely in just less than ten minutes. The YouTuber has had some controversial past, with sending inappropriate comments to musical sensation Shawn Mendes to tackling a conspiracy with his new palette. But his iconic Brother and Sister series where he sits down with his brother Ian to talk on a variety of issues took an interesting topic this time. The duo discussed conspiracies and James Charles joked about wanting to join the Illuminati, or did he?

Why James Charles Wants in on Illuminati

When James first mentions the Illuminati, he says,

“A conspiracy that I know and am very interested in is that all the A List celebrities are part of the Illuminati”

Ian, quickly chimes in,

“Yeah, so are you”

To which a sassy James Charles declares,

“What! I Wish”

Then an excited James Charles delved into the topic and asked what a checklist would be to join the Illuminati. It’s evident that the YouTuber definitely wants to enter the famous clique that’s been associated with all popular celebrities such as Beyonce.

It’s hilariously obvious that they don’t know what the Illuminati really is. The YouTuber quite confidently uttered,

“I think you sell your soul to them and then like you’re in it?”

When asked what James will do with being in the Illuminati. The Youtuber answered,

“They’d rule the world”

James Charles Already in Illuminati?

The editors truly have a nice sense of humor because they made a joke that James Charles is actually part of the Illuminati already. He is wealthy and famous enough to at least be considered for membership of the infamous Illuminati group.

Well, considering the fact that Illuminati allegedly controls the whole world, it would appeal to anyone. A person like James Charles doesn’t have any evil intentions but he’s not one to shy away from possessing more power in the world.

It’s anyone’s guess on whether James Charles is actually part of Illuminati or not. Or who knows, maybe he might create a social media illuminati centering around notable YouTubers. It’ll probably consist of YouTubers like himself, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Colleen Ballinger, Zoella and Alfie Deyes, Jake Paul and Logan Paul, Erika Costell. And Of course Pewdiepie and Superwoman. Video game YouTubers such as Ninja, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye and might also join his clique.

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