James Charles Teams Up With Vlog Squad for Epic Makeup Challenge

James Charles came together with the vlog squad for a makeup relay challenge which featured David Dobrik but not Trisha Paytas and looks incredible.

I t seems like your best dream has actually come true. The famous beauty YouTuber James Charles did a collab with none other than YouTube’s very prominent vlog squad. And yes, that featured David Dobrik! But it was no ordinary collaboration because Charles stepped out bringing something different to the block as usual. However, needless to say, it ended up in a much better way than you could expect. And it has to be one of the finest most interesting and fun videos up on sister James channel.

James Charles Arranges Makeup Relay Challenge With the Vlog Squad

James Charles recently uploaded a new video to his channel which begins with the beauty YouTuber seated in the middle of the vlog squad. And he announced that he was doing a special video with all these sisters as the special guests. He claimed that he had been planning this for a long time.

David Dobrik even expressed amazement at how Charles managed to get all of them in there because it’s actually tough, though Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas were not there following their drama.

James announced a new challenge which was the makeup relay challenge. What everybody does here is work together as a team without actually working together. But everyone hopes that the final product comes out well in the end.

What James Charles planned was that they will add all 9 names of the vlog squad members in a hat. And then, randomly each person would be given an order. Every individual would get 5 minutes of alone time with the YouTuber and his entire makeup collection. In this time, they would have to do everything they want to on his face.  Charles was hoping that at the end of it, the vlog squad could work together in pulling off a good makeup look on him. They started with Heath and ended with Jeff.

However, at the end of it, James looked fine. Well, kind of. But David Dobrik admitted that he pretty much messed with the eye makeup. But James Charles was impressed with Heath, Zane and Matt because they seemed to know what they exactly needed to do. For more details of all the fun that Charles and the vlog squad had, you can watch the full makeup relay challenge.

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James Charles is an American YouTuber and makeup artist. He is very prominent and loved for his tutorials and in fact, he even won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Beauty Influencer. The vlog squad is a group of former A-list personalities from the defunct app Vine who would often be seen in the YouTube videos of David Dobrik. They won the 2018 Shorty Award for YouTube Ensemble.

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