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James Charles Sexual Harassment Story by Ethan Andrew was False?

James Charles Sexual Harassment Story by Ethan Andrew was False?

Many wondered why James Charles was not responding to the recent allegation made by TikTok Star Ethan Andrew. The TikToker claimed that James had taken advantage of Ethan online when he was underage. He claimed that James Charles knew his age and was sexually harassing him online. New information surfaces where it appears that Ethan Andrew or Ethan Rhett was lying about his allegations. Why is that? Another TikTok star shares her story on why she knows Ethan is not telling the truth.

The allegations made by Ethan are false, as per another TikTok star.

The TikTok star that is exposing Ethan Fair goes by the name of Rhegan777. She shares her story by explaining that she and Ethan were friends before the James Charles situation happened. Ethan got more interested in talking to Rhegan when he found out James Charles had commented on one of her videos. She had shared that on her social media since she was a big fan of James Charles.

Then when they found out about the comment, Ethan and Zay, called her on Snapchat saying this:

‘Hey we saw that James commented on your video, that’s super cool.’

Then Ethan shared with Rhegan that he actually talks to James. Not only that but he also admitted to DMing James first.

Another thing Ethan admitted to was not being gay. Here’s what he said:

I’m not gay but it’s James Charles so I’m gonna flirt with him.

Ethan also told Rhegan his age was 17 and that he was about to turn 18. Whereas, in his original accusation against James Charles he claims he is 14.

Rhegan also confronted Ethan Andrew

So, Rhegan shares that he shared the screenshot of the story unfolding and asked Ethan on Snapchat about what was happening. She also asked him why he was lying just for getting some clout. In response, Ethan blocked Rhegan everywhere. She also got blocked from Ethan’s friend Zay.

But Rhegan is adamant on getting the truth out:

I’m sorry I’m not gonna get someone canceled for something they didn’t do. Especially if you lied about your age. Everything Ethan and Zay said in the video is the complete opposite from what they told me. It’s very clear what they’re trying to do and it’s disgusting.

Rhegan also shares that James Charles would be cautious about this situation especially because his career was majorly affected last year.

Though, YouTuber Def Noodles states that James Charles could still be in trouble.

Could James Charles be in trouble over this?

James Charles did SnapChat with him and he did send some explicit pictures of himself. That means he was se*ting with Ethan. It’s not clear if James knew about Ethan’s real age or not. Or if he just didn’t believe him when Ethan said he was 14, se*ting with a minor is still illegal in the State where they reside in.

Ethan Andrew did some the legal authorities were involved in this case but if they were, it would not make sense for him to block Rhegan. Let’s see if James Charles addresses this situation or not.

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