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James Charles Has a Controversial Tape Circulating the Internet?

The beauty YouTuber James Charles is all over the internet again because apparently, his s** tape has been leaked and circulating all around.

It looks like the beauty YouTuber James Charles has had a pretty tough week only four days into it. First, he pulled Birmingham city to a still as 8000 people rushed to greet him in a mall. But then, he feuded with the Daily Mail after they called him an unknown US vlogger. Apparently, the media company had published an article on how a virtually unknown US vlogger brought the city to a standstill with 8000 followers trying to greet him. Charles took aim at the company on Twitter. And added that ‘virtually unknown US vlogger’ and ‘8000 screaming fans’ must not be used in the same sentence. But well, that’s not it for his week. And now the internet is once again taken over as fans claim that a s** tape of Charles has been circulating all over Instagram.

What is This Latest Rumor About James Charles and His Leaked S** Tape?

Rumor has it that sister James Charles got a s** tape out on social media. According to Sister Twitter, the video has been making rounds on Instagram. And well, it has left the entire beauty community very much in shock. Everywhere on Twitter, people started voicing their concerns whether it was actually Charles they saw in the leaked video or not. The nonsense continued for over an hour with people exclaiming that they were scarred for life before James Charles himself decided to step in and set the record straight.

Well, just then, Charles dropped a tweet clearing out that it’s definitely not him in the video. And to make the case absolutely clear once and for all, Charles added something that leaves no doubt towards his presence in the s** tape. James Charles has claimed that he is still a virgin so it’s impossible that it could be in the tape.

Now that this is settled, can we go back to watching one of his tutorials in peace?