James Charles Says Something Nice about Jeffree Star!

We all know what went down between James Charles and Jeffree Star. But I will just sum it up for those who still don’t know what went wrong with the two beauty gurus. So last year James made a promotion post about Sugarbear Hair Vitamins who were in direct competition with James’ friend Tati Westbrook’s brand. Tati was utterly dishearted that James chose the other brand over hers. So she ended her friendship with James in a YouTube video and also accused him of being a se*ual predator. And then Jeffree Star confirmed what Tati said and made even more horrible accusations against James. Jeffree posted in a tweet in which he called James a se*ual predator and a danger to society. Both Tati and Jeffree later apologized to James but they are not friendly-friends anymore. Although Tati Westbrook claimed that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson fed her lies against James Charles. Tati and James reconciled but James and Jeffree are still not talking.

One of the team members of The Hollywood Fix came across James and asked him about Jeffree’s recent robbery situation. And James only had nice words to say about him.

Friendship timeline of James Charles and Jeffree Star

So, James Charles and Jeffree Star met at the KKW launch party back in 2017. No, they were not alone. Laura Lee and Manny Mua and Amanda Ensing also accompanied them.

Then James and Jeffree did a Style Swap collaboration in May 2018. And after that, they did a bunch of videos together and all the fans simply adored their friendship.

Oh, and how can we forget James’ collaboration for Messy Makeup Trivia with Jeffree and Tati.

“Our first contestant left his eyebrows in 2018 and apparently all of his friends too. Please welcome Jeffree Star.”

No, wait we are not done yet.

“Our last guest has been around forever but somehow has not had a scandal. So we have got literally nothing. Joining us from the studio after filming her 87th video alone, Tati Westbrook.”

Umm, I don’t feel like making any comments on this introduction. But maybe James had a gut feeling of what might be coming in the upcoming weeks.

And then comes Tati’s 37th birthday dinner which was attended by James, Jeffree, and Tati’s family. And bam, Tati called James out for being extra flirty with one of the straight male waiters and manipulating him. Jeffree on the other hand kept on adding fuel to the whole situation to make it even worse.

Jeffree even mentioned in a now-deleted tweet that his ex-boyfriend Nathan banned James’ entrance in their house. Because James is a danger to society and he 100% agrees with Tati.

Now let’s fast forward everything to Tati’s video from June in which she Broke The Silence once and for all. And accused Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson of poisoning her about James. She also apologized to James in that video.

After this James cut all of his ties with Jeffree’s Killer merch. And then Jeffree posted an apology video in which he explained that all of the horrible accusations he made against James was based on rumors. Jeffree also admits he was wrong in doing so.

James Charles responds to The Hollywood Fix’ question about Jeffree’s robbery situation

So we all know what went down between Jeffree Star and his now ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold. Jeffree dated the basketball player for a few weeks and after that sent him home.

The things ended between the two because Jeffree Star claims that Andre Marhold stole from him and lied to him several times.

In return, Andre Marhold threatened to reveal Jeffree’s secrets if he didn’t take down his accusations. Jeffree did end up deleting it but things just got messier between them. And now the legal advisors are involved in this current mess and are trying to settle it down.

James Charles

So after James got done with Addison’s 20th birthday bash, one of the Hollywood Fix reporters questioned him about Jeffree’s robbery situation.

“Fletcher: Jeffree Star got robbed by his boyfriend. Would you have any opinion about that like at all?

James: Oh, no. I think getting robbed su*ks no matter who it is.”

Well, that’s it for today guys. Let us know what you think about the Jeffree Star X Andre Marhold situation? And do you think there is going to be a James x Jeffree collaboration in near future?

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